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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hedwig say the wounded duck is the most important thing in the back room?
(a) It is in need.
(b) It is wounded.
(c) It is alone.
(d) It is wild.

2. About what does Werle's son get mad at his father after Ekdal leaves?
(a) Not taking his blame for the business.
(b) Inviting a fighting family to dinner.
(c) Not stopping the bad behavior of Ekdal's son.
(d) Letting the Ekdal family sink so low.

3. How does Gregers describe the atmosphere in Hjalmar's house?
(a) Content.
(b) Loving.
(c) Poisonous.
(d) Tense

4. What does Hjalmar say he has a sacred duty to do?
(a) Take his family to church.
(b) Help his daughter.
(c) Make his wife's life easier.
(d) Take care of his father.

5. What is the name of Ekdal's son's wife?
(a) Gretta.
(b) Gina.
(c) Gilly.
(d) Gabby.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Gina doing at the beginning of Act 2?

2. What do Relling and Molvik do the night before the lunch?

3. Who has the most control within the photography business?

4. What instrument does Hjalmar play?

5. Who chides Ekdal's son for what he says when his father leaves for home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Relling tell Gregers NOT to do when he learns that Gina's affair has been uncovered?

2. Immediately after Ekdal leaves, Gregers confronts his father about what? What is Werle's response to this?

3. What does Hjalmar tell Gina and Hedwig about the party?

4. For what is Hjalmar looking when he comes home after his night of drinking, and why?

5. What history is shared by the servants about Old Ekdal?

6. With what does Werle compare the Ekdals when he talks about the bad business deal?

7. What does Ekdal show the people at the lunch table?

8. What does Relling say to Hedwig just before leaving at the beginning of Act 5?

9. Why does Gina tell Hedwig to stop reading in Act 2?

10. What does Hjalmar say about the animals in the back room at the beginning of Act 4?

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