The Wild Duck Character Descriptions

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Ekdal - This character was imprisoned, which led to the complete loss of his fortune, reputation, and military rank.

Gina Ekdal - This character is a hard-working, kind woman who comes from a lower social class than her husband.

Hedvig Ekdal - This character is a sensitive, intelligent girl who is kept out of school because of her failing eyesight.

Hjalmar Ekdal - This character lives with his wife and daughter and runs a photographic business, but his wife does most of the work.

OMEkdal - This is another name for the character whose reputation is ruined due to having been imprisoned.

Molvik - This character says that he drinks not because he is an alcoholic, but because a demon takes over and makes him do so.

Dr. Relling - This character is one of the few characters who sees the world around him clearly but...

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