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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Jung sent away from her country camp?
(a) She is sent to prison for complaining.
(b) Yu-Fang falls ill and needs tending.
(c) She is injured by a farming tool.
(d) She falls ill and needs medicine.

2. What does Chang Shou-yu look back on with regret near the end of his life?
(a) His failings as a father.
(b) His battles with Yu-Fang.
(c) His harshness towards his wife.
(d) His strong position for Communism.

3. What causes the Red Guard to hesitate in continuing their violent tactics?
(a) Some of their parents were ashamed.
(b) One of them was accidentally killed.
(c) Mao made a law with which they disagreed.
(d) One of the members commited suicide.

4. What is Jung criticized for by the government while teaching at the university?
(a) She is teaching English.
(b) She is too sad about her father's death.
(c) She is twenty-five with no plans to marry.
(d) She does not work long enough hours.

5. What does the Tings' fall from grace mean for the people?
(a) A break in Communist power.
(b) Less food.
(c) Fewer denunciation meetings.
(d) The fall of Mao's regime.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Yu-Fang faint when the guards will not let her drop off a package of food at the prison?

2. What was Mao's new idea about doctors?

3. What does Jung promise to deny herself to help assuage the guilt she feels about Yu-Fang's pain?

4. What does Mao call for to help him feel secure in his power after the famine?

5. What is so peculiar about the men who arrested Chang Shou-yu?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Yu-Fang punished when she is denounced?

2. What happened to Yu-Fang before she died?

3. What does the cook do for De-hong while she is sick with hepatitis?

4. Why is Jung so eager to go and study in the West?

5. What is peculiar about the men who come to arrest Chang Shou-yu that shows how powerful Mao and his young leaders have grown?

6. How are Chang Shou-yu and De-hong still making money even though they are not working due to their illnesses?

7. Why does Er-hong walk away from the Red Guard when they confront one of her philosophy teachers?

8. How was Jung's brother kept safe when he was caught with an unsanctioned book?

9. Why was Specs turned down for a promotion?

10. How is Chang Shou-yu punished when he is denounced?

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