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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Chinese dream according to Wang Yu?
(a) To find a loving wife and a happy home.
(b) To bring happiness and wealth to one's family and village.
(c) To gain power and authority.
(d) To leave home penniless and return home robed in embroidered silk.

2. Why can Chang Shou-yu buy toys and books, but not food?
(a) There is no food; it was not planted or harvested.
(b) He feels that feeding the mind is more important.
(c) He was commanded to do so by the party.
(d) Food is much more expensive.

3. Why does Er-hong ask her father for a new name?
(a) It is popular to have a name change at this age.
(b) She wants something that sounds more militant.
(c) She wants her name to mean something more than swan.
(d) She is being made fun of at school.

4. Why were De-hong and Wang Yu forced to "self-admonishment"?
(a) They were caught spending nights together after being wed.
(b) They accepted invitations without permission from the party.
(c) They wanted to leave work early to get married.
(d) They were showing mercy to Kuomintang officials.

5. What did the vivid picture show that Yu-Fang told De-hong would be the consequence of lying?
(a) A man getting his tongue ripped out.
(b) A tiger eating a man's head.
(c) A woman with a horrible disease that has caused boils all over her face.
(d) A man bursting into flames and screaming in pain.

6. What were the General's final actions before his death?
(a) He released Yu-Fang from her status as a concubine.
(b) He left all his belongings to his wife and shunned Yu-Fang.
(c) He ordered his wife to let Yu-Fang keep her baby.
(d) He declared to Yu-Fang that he loved her more than he loved his real wife.

7. How does Hui-ge accidentally cripple his own regiment?
(a) He leaks information about the Kuomintang defense system.
(b) He leaves secret documents out where De Hong can see them.
(c) He gives faulty Communist information to his leaders.
(d) De-hong hides detonators in his vehicle that are picked up by Communist officers.

8. What happened to the Japanese people who remained in China after they had been defeated?
(a) They were killed or committed suicide.
(b) They were left alone.
(c) They were hanged in public trials.
(d) They were respected for the help they gave.

9. With what are the people of China commanded to replace their grass and flowers?
(a) Rice and wheat.
(b) Peaches and pears.
(c) Wheat and corn.
(d) Cabbage and cotton.

10. What is De-hong studying to become?
(a) A wife.
(b) A midwife.
(c) A Communist.
(d) A teacher.

11. What does Chang Shou-yu do that finally puts his love above his party?
(a) He allows her to ride a litter to the hospital when she is ill.
(b) He warns De-hong of a trap.
(c) He rescues his mother-in-law from interrogators.
(d) He hides his family during a party raid.

12. What sickness does De-hong contract while working in the factories?
(a) Yellow fever.
(b) Herpes.
(c) Tuberculosis.
(d) Influenza.

13. Why does Chang Shou-yu leave a sightseeing trip early?
(a) He is homesick.
(b) He gets news of his wife being sick.
(c) He hears of a threat against Mao.
(d) He has business to attend to.

14. What does Jin-ming do to learn more about the Western societies?
(a) He borrows his teacher's books and manuals.
(b) He steals newspapers.
(c) He scours scientific magazines.
(d) He asks far too many questions and is often reprimanded.

15. Why does Wang Yu refuse to let De-hong have the driver take her home?
(a) The driver was enjoying the opera.
(b) It was against customs to leave a performance early.
(c) He was fearful of what the Communist leaders would think.
(d) He did not want her to travel alone with another man.

Short Answer Questions

1. What crashes into De-hong's house?

2. How old was Wang Yu when his father died?

3. Why did Dr. Xia's son have to run away, never to be heard from again?

4. Who died four days after 'the third swan' was born?

5. What did the letter to Yu-Fang from General Xue's wife say?

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