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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Chang Shou-yu refuse to send his pregnant sick wife to a larger hospital?
(a) He fears a larger hospital will have more infections.
(b) He wants no special treatment.
(c) He would like to be there for the birth of his child and could not follow her to another hospital.
(d) He does not want to move De-hong in her fragile state.

2. How long does Yu-Fang wait to see her General again after her first interaction with him?
(a) Three months.
(b) Six months.
(c) Two years.
(d) Six years.

3. What was Jin-ming's response when De-hong visited him at his boarding school?
(a) He was afraid to show too much affection and be considered weak.
(b) He clung to her side and cried.
(c) He would not acknowledge her as his mother.
(d) He took her on a tour of his school.

4. Why were De-hong and Wang Yu forced to "self-admonishment"?
(a) They wanted to leave work early to get married.
(b) They accepted invitations without permission from the party.
(c) They were showing mercy to Kuomintang officials.
(d) They were caught spending nights together after being wed.

5. What causes Mao to have school children do eye strengthening exercises?
(a) He reads a study that says these exercises will increase intelligence.
(b) He fears they will overburden themselves before they are of a more useful age.
(c) He sees too many children wearing glasses.
(d) He wants the teachers to think he cares about the children.

6. What does Chang Shou-yu overhear in a conversation that he is torn about reporting?
(a) Two men discussing complaints about the Communist ruling.
(b) A woman asking a man to take her on as his concubine and feed her children.
(c) A woman asking another woman to give her a secret abortion.
(d) Two men saying Mao should be replaced.

7. What does Fang-Yu do to make a meal for her daughter?
(a) Sells jewlery to buy food to cook.
(b) Begs food off the street.
(c) Gleans rice from the fields to cook.
(d) Steals food from a neighbor.

8. Why did De-hong live with her parents after her transfer instead of her husband?
(a) The Communist party only allowed a certain number of people to be in one home.
(b) They were considering a divorce at the time.
(c) Married couples were only allowed to be together on Saturdays.
(d) Wang Yu was not transferred and had to stay in Yibin.

9. What is one thing that Chang Shou-yu will NOT let his children do in order to teach them ethic responsibility?
(a) Look their elders in the eyes.
(b) Talk about Western propoganda.
(c) Read newspapers.
(d) Sit in front of teachers at performances or movies.

10. What sickness does De-hong contract while working in the factories?
(a) Yellow fever.
(b) Influenza.
(c) Herpes.
(d) Tuberculosis.

11. What did the letter to Yu-Fang from General Xue's wife say?
(a) It was a legal order for her to give any future children to the Xue household.
(b) It ordered her to leave the house the General had given her.
(c) It berated her for her hateful ways and dishonored her family.
(d) It was a summons for her to come work in the fields of labor at the Xue plantations.

12. What does Yu-Fang do to pass the time in her loneliness?
(a) Holds parties at her home.
(b) Writes love letters to her General.
(c) Reads and plays Mah Jong.
(d) Visits with her family.

13. What is De-hong's chief job at the Public Affairs Department?
(a) To allot new homes and estates to new citizens.
(b) To submit paperwork for new names of the people.
(c) To feed the people.
(d) To swear people into office.

14. Why do Jun-ying and a maid move in with Fang-Yu?
(a) They hope to win Fang-Yu's good graces and get some of her inheritance money.
(b) She falls ill and needs care.
(c) Their houses are burnt down, and they need shelter.
(d) She cannot handle the four children alone.

15. Why did Dr. Xia's son have to run away, never to be heard from again?
(a) He was spreading Communist literature.
(b) He failed to bow to a Japanese boy.
(c) He was labeled a thought criminal.
(d) He was tired of the harsh life in the city and fled to find a simpler existence.

Short Answer Questions

1. What were the only two things that Chinese people were allowed to eat?

2. What does Chang Shou-yu NOT allow at the funeral?

3. In what was Yu-Fang's father buried?

4. What did Dr. Xia give a man that led to his imprisonment and eventual death?

5. Why does Wang Yu refuse to let De-hong have the driver take her home?

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