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Wilbur Smith
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Short Answer Questions

1. How many calls have been made to Caliph from Gilly?

2. What did Aaron recruit her to?

3. What is the name on the passport Caliph provided for MJ?

4. What is the first indication Peter notices that his place in Magda's life has been restored?

5. What does Steven realize when Peter greets him?

Short Essay Questions

1. In his highly emotional state, he believes the worst about Magda is possible. What one factor above all others makes her identity as Caliph unlikely and why?

2. Peter needs to ensure Magda's safety. How does he do that without putting himself at risk?

3. What drives Peter to chase the escaping car alone and what risks is he willing to take?

4. Both Magda and Peter reach one conclusion that leads them to a second as they each think the other is Caliph. What are those conclusions and how do they affect the outcome?

5. When Peter sees Magda next, they both see something different in each other. What is it and how do they give themselves away?

6. What does Magda do to test Peter to see if he is really Caliph?

7. What ideals are at the root of Steven's commitment to Caliph? Why was Steven so eager to follow a man he hadn't met?

8. Peter receives several warnings that Magda has doubts about him. What are those warnings and how does he respond?

9. Once Peter and Magda have both told their sides of the story, they have made declarations and Magda has relinquished something important. What are the declarations and what has Magda relinquished?

10. Magda is given details by her Mossad controller that makes her believe that he is actually Caliph. What are they?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who saves Peter in the end? How could the outcome just as easily have gone the other way? What one factor allows Peter to gain the upper hand to begin with while he is waiting for Caliph to appear? Why is it a surprise to both parties involved?

Essay Topic 2

The main subject of this novel surrounds terrorist activities and the effects they play on a world wide scale. The position of Caliph is somewhat of a conundrum. How? What does the name actually translate to? How is it an indicator of who is behind the name?

Essay Topic 3

Parker has his hands in many different arenas. Other than running Atlas, what else is he involved with? What is his ultimate goal and in what way do his other activities facilitate this ultimate goal?

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