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Wilbur Smith
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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of boat does Magda take Peter out on his second day on her island?

2. What is waiting for Steven at the airport from Caliph?

3. Where does Atlas get its' awareness of Caliph from?

4. What is the name on the passport Caliph provided for MJ?

5. What troubles Steven about the voice of the contact that calls?

Short Essay Questions

1. Magda is given details by her Mossad controller that makes her believe that he is actually Caliph. What are they?

2. Peter has a plan to bring Caliph down. How is Steven going to help him to flush Caliph out into the open?

3. What does Inspector Richards reveal to Peter regarding his conversation with the Deputy Commissioner and what is his recommendation?

4. Peter and Magda are not together again for some time. When her call comes, what does she want, and how does Peter interpret her request.

5. Caliph's choice of meeting places disturbs Peter. Why?

6. Gilly is disturbed by some of the arrangements made by Caliph. What are they, and why do they make Gilly nervous?

7. What does Kingston expressly forbid Peter to do and how should Kingston expect Peter to respond based on his history?

8. Steven's meeting with Peter at the hotel in Orly reveals that contrary to his initial reaction, they could easily trade places. What about this bothers Steven?

9. Peter receives several warnings that Magda has doubts about him. What are those warnings and how does he respond?

10. Peter has to confront Steven about his involvement with Caliph. How does he do it in a manner that ensures Steven's cooperation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Love can have its share of obstacles. Peter and Magda are no exception. While attracted to each other from the beginning, they have a number of obstacles that make a long standing relationship difficult. Name them, and explain how they might impair a relationship. How are each of these obstacles overcome?

Essay Topic 2

Magda believes that Caliph is Peter for a time. Who leads her to believe that? What evidence is given to her that supports this claim? How does she respond? In what way is her response the same as Peter's response to the suggestion that she is Caliph?

Essay Topic 3

Who saves Peter in the end? How could the outcome just as easily have gone the other way? What one factor allows Peter to gain the upper hand to begin with while he is waiting for Caliph to appear? Why is it a surprise to both parties involved?

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