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Wilbur Smith
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the reward offered by Sir Steven Stride?

2. What does MJ reveal to Peter on the way to Abbots Yew?

3. What room number do Steven and Peter have?

4. What comment does Magda make when Peter tells her about his willingness to kill Parker in return for MJ's life?

5. What was significant about the quote Caliph chose if Steven wanted contact to Peter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Steven's feelings dramatically change pre and post phone call with Caliph. In what way and why?

2. What concerns does the 'doctor' have about MJ and what is her condition?

3. Gilly is disturbed by some of the arrangements made by Caliph. What are they, and why do they make Gilly nervous?

4. What does Inspector Richards reveal to Peter regarding his conversation with the Deputy Commissioner and what is his recommendation?

5. What does Gilly do to minimize their risk of capture?

6. Once Peter and Magda have both told their sides of the story, they have made declarations and Magda has relinquished something important. What are the declarations and what has Magda relinquished?

7. In his highly emotional state, he believes the worst about Magda is possible. What one factor above all others makes her identity as Caliph unlikely and why?

8. What does Kingston expressly forbid Peter to do and how should Kingston expect Peter to respond based on his history?

9. At Thor Command, Colin and Parker have information that takes Peter's legs out from under him, and changes the way he feels for Magda. What is that information?

10. What is Cynthia's response after MJ's rescue?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Peter and Steven are twins but differ in many ways. How are they the same? What do they share that is unique to twin relationships? What characteristics are different between them? What would you speculate to be the main reason for these differences?

Essay Topic 2

What is Atlas? For what purpose is it created? In what way is it successful and in what way does it fail? Who can the failure be attributed to? What is necessary to make it succeed?

Essay Topic 3

Several characters have dual identities in this novel. Who are they and what are the two identities each of them have? How do the two identities differ from each other in each case?

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