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Wilbur Smith
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Short Answer Questions

1. What would have been the outcome had Peter succeeded in killing both Parker to rescue MJ and Magda because he believed her to be responsible?

2. Who did the President of the United States select as special negotiator to find a solution to the disputed territories in the Middle East?

3. Where does Magda want to take Peter diving?

4. What is the house called that he is holding her in?

5. What is waiting for Steven at the airport from Caliph?

Short Essay Questions

1. Peter receives several warnings that Magda has doubts about him. What are those warnings and how does he respond?

2. Peter needs to ensure Magda's safety. How does he do that without putting himself at risk?

3. Peter and Magda are not together again for some time. When her call comes, what does she want, and how does Peter interpret her request.

4. What concerns does the 'doctor' have about MJ and what is her condition?

5. In his highly emotional state, he believes the worst about Magda is possible. What one factor above all others makes her identity as Caliph unlikely and why?

6. When Peter sees Magda next, they both see something different in each other. What is it and how do they give themselves away?

7. Once Peter and Magda have both told their sides of the story, they have made declarations and Magda has relinquished something important. What are the declarations and what has Magda relinquished?

8. What drives Peter to chase the escaping car alone and what risks is he willing to take?

9. What does Inspector Richards reveal to Peter regarding his conversation with the Deputy Commissioner and what is his recommendation?

10. How does Peter respond to Kingston's visit to Abbots Yew?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Peter and Steven are twins but differ in many ways. How are they the same? What do they share that is unique to twin relationships? What characteristics are different between them? What would you speculate to be the main reason for these differences?

Essay Topic 2

Magda and Peter are taken with each other from the very beginning. What characteristics do they admire in each other? How do these characteristics make them stand out from other potential mates? Describe their first impressions of each other and identify the things that make them ideal for each other. What characteristics do they each possess that makes a long term relationship possible?

Essay Topic 3

Love can have its share of obstacles. Peter and Magda are no exception. While attracted to each other from the beginning, they have a number of obstacles that make a long standing relationship difficult. Name them, and explain how they might impair a relationship. How are each of these obstacles overcome?

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