Wild Justice Short Essay - Answer Key

Wilbur Smith
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1. How do the terrorists who board Speedbird 070 manage to deflect and draw attention at the same time and why?

The terrorists manage to deflect and draw attention to themselves by using the sexuality of the two girls in the group of two couples. They are dressed and behave and talk in a provocative manner in order to deflect attention from their luggage so that while they are paid more attention to, it is not in a manner that will have them searched. It is a way of hiding in plain sight, using overly friendly smiles, and suggestive clothing to make their presence known but their purpose ignored.

2. How does the terrorist group take control of Speedbird 070?

The terrorists take control of Speedbird 070 by carefully opening the coco-de-mer which had already been opened, refilled and resealed before boarding. They remove two baseball sized East German grenades that are secreted inside - one in each half - and then one of them takes a grenade to the galley and demands to be taken to the flight deck immediately.

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