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Wilbur Smith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 15: Pages 451 - 487.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is condition Bravo?
(a) The point at which the team is ready or 'GO'.
(b) Be Ready And aVailble Only stage.
(c) All clear stage.
(d) Be on the alert for signal.

2. What do Peter and Altmann discuss after a day on the slopes?
(a) Peter's position.
(b) Peter's salary.
(c) Their relationship.
(d) Actions attributed to Caliph.

3. Where will Steven wait for Peter?
(a) At the airport in Orly.
(b) On a bridge deck in Paris.
(c) At a restaurant in Russia.
(d) In a hotel on the Left Bank.

4. What conclusion does Peter draw from the ambush in the Maserati?
(a) That they were trying to take Magda alive.
(b) That they hoped he was dead.
(c) That they knew he would be there.
(d) That they wanted the car.

5. When does he realize it is a trap?
(a) When he is attacked.
(b) When he can't back up.
(c) When he sees a 'body' move.
(d) When he isn't allowed to go.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which objects did the Seychelles Police Force ignore when the two young couples go through security at the Victoria airport in Mahe?

2. What does Peter learn from Cynthia Barrow?

3. What does Colin contribute to the influx of information?

4. What test did Magda set up for Peter?

5. What confirmation does Peter believe he gets on the beach after Magda leaves him to return to her guests?

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