Objects & Places from Wild Justice

Wilbur Smith
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Object known as the love nut.


Creole people who occupy the island of Mauritius five hundred miles south of Mahè island.


Combined, it is three branches of an offensive unit based in Britain.


Departure zone on the island of Mahè for BA flight 070.

Johannesburg Airport

Destination of the hijacked plane.

War Office

Branch of government overseeing the Atlas project.

Action Commando for Human Rights

The name of the terrorist group that takes over flight 070.

Abbots Yew

The estate home in Britain belonging to the Stride family.

La Pierre Bènite

Former home of Baron Altmann in France.


The isolated site where M.J. is being held.

Old Manse

Name of the house in Laragh where M.J. is held.

Les Neuf Poissons (The Nine Fishes)

Magda's holiday island in the Iles sous le Vent off the island of Tahiti.


The company of...

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