Wild Justice Fun Activities

Wilbur Smith
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You're Going On Vacation!!

Choose and plan a tropical vacation.

Your Trip Is Extended - You're Held Hostage!

Imagine your trip home is interrupted by terrorists. How do they take over? Submit their list of demands and their timetable.

Dear Diary... I'm In Trouble....

Write a diary entry that describes the hostile takeover, and how your fellow passengers and you respond.

Your Partner Has A Secret....This Is No Date!

Your mate reveals that he/she is one of the terrorists. Dear diary... this is date from hell. Your next entry reveals your surprise and disappointment.


Why wait for rescue when you can escape? Plan the perfect escape.

Caught In The Act - Oh My....

Your escape is foiled. Your punishment is to entertain the children being held hostage and keep them quiet for up to 24 hours. How?

Once Upon A Time There Was A Terrorist....


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