Wild Justice Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Wilbur Smith
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Essay Topic 1

Magda and Peter are taken with each other from the very beginning. What characteristics do they admire in each other? How do these characteristics make them stand out from other potential mates? Describe their first impressions of each other and identify the things that make them ideal for each other. What characteristics do they each possess that makes a long term relationship possible?

Essay Topic 2

Love can have its share of obstacles. Peter and Magda are no exception. While attracted to each other from the beginning, they have a number of obstacles that make a long standing relationship difficult. Name them, and explain how they might impair a relationship. How are each of these obstacles overcome?

Essay Topic 3

Terrorism is a concern on the mind of everyone who travels. In this novel, the terrorists use an inventive method of getting weapons on board. How do they...

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