Wild Justice Character Descriptions

Wilbur Smith
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Peter Charles Stride

The General and new commander of Thor Command, one of the three Atlas offensive arms.

Dr. Kingston Parker (aka Caliph)

The Chairman of Intelligence Oversight Board, and friend of the President.

Colin Noble (aka Cactus Flower)

Second in command at Thor Command and a Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corp.

Baroness Magda Altmann (nee Kutchinsky)

At twenty-nine years of age, and widowed this character now at the age of thirty-one runs an enormous and complicated empire.

Steven Stride

This person lives in and restored Abbots Yew, the family estate.

Melissa Jane Stride

Just fourteen years of age, this character has an attitude more mature than actual years by almost a decade.

Hilda Becker (aka Sally Anne Taylor; aka Ingrid)

This person has an I.Q. of 138 and is the leader of the group of terrorists that takes over a British Airways Flight.

Baron Aaron Altmann

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