Wild Justice Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Wilbur Smith
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Section 1: Pages 1 - 36

• Fifteen passengers join the British Airways flight on the island of Mahe in the republic of Seychelles.

• Two couples, young and tanned, board in that group with carry on luggage including coco-de-mers.

• One of the girls behaves in a particularly suggestive manner, deflecting attention from their real purpose.

• Once on board, the terrorists open the coco-de-mers and retrieve the German grenades inside.

• One, calling herself Ingrid, goes to the galley and demands entrance to the flight deck, using her grenade as leverage.

• Once in the flight deck, she tells the Captain that she is taking over their flight.

• She insists that communications, high frequency radios and satellite relays be turned off, and that operations normal be announced on time before communications are again cut.

• She gives them a new flight plan, and has the Captain execute a gentle correcting turn.

• At two o'clock in the...

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