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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Antoinette's marriage arranged?
(a) Her new husband is widowed and needs a mother for his daughter.
(b) Antoinette needs to marry a rich man.
(c) Antoinette is in love and asks for the marriage to be arranged.
(d) The marriage is considered good for Antoinette considering her circumstances.

2. What memory does Antoinette's husband have of his wedding ceremony?
(a) How beautiful Antoinette looks.
(b) Every detail as if it were yesterday.
(c) How excited he was.
(d) Very little of the actual ceremony,

3. Why does Antoinette visit her beloved former servant in Part Two?
(a) She wants the servant to work for her again.
(b) She wants the servant's help to leave the Island.
(c) She believes the servant can give her an obeah love potion.
(d) She hears the servant is very ill.

4. What does Antoinette's husband write to Mr. Fraser in a personal letter?
(a) He wants to have Daniel Cosway arrested.
(b) He enquires about his father's health.
(c) He wants arrangements made to return to Jamaica.
(d) He is considering a book about obeah.

5. What is Antoinette's husband's impression of the people living on the honeymoon island?
(a) They are cheerful.
(b) They are lazy.
(c) They are sombre.
(d) They are greedy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who narrates the story for a brief time mid-way through Part Two?

2. What does Antoinette say about the earth on the estate?

3. What does Antoinette's husband say happens the day before the wedding ceremony?

4. Why does a nameless boy sob in front of Antoinette and her husband?

5. What does Antoinette mock her husband about on their way to the cottage?

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