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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Antoinette go to school?
(a) Saint Mary's.
(b) Mount Calvary Convent.
(c) Queen Victoria's Royal Academy.
(d) Spanish Town School for GIrls.

2. Where does Antoinette go soon after she leaves Coulibri Estate?
(a) She moves to Trinidad with a servant.
(b) She moves to England with her aunt.
(c) She is sent to Dominca to attend school.
(d) A school for Creole girls in Spanish Town.

3. What does Antoinette call her step-father one night?
(a) White pappy.
(b) Mr. Mason.
(c) Father.
(d) Papa.

4. How does Antoinette feel on her first day at school?
(a) She is angry.
(b) She is excited.
(c) She is sad and cries.
(d) She is frightened.

5. Where is Antoinette walking towards in her dream?
(a) Couliburi Estate.
(b) A church.
(c) The beach.
(d) A forest.

6. What is wrong with Pierre as a child?
(a) He falls off his horse and is badly injured.
(b) He finds out his father is a former slave owner.
(c) He tries to kill his sister.
(d) He staggers when he walks and cannot speak clearly.

7. Who is Antoinette following in her dream?
(a) CoCo.
(b) Pierre.
(c) Her mother.
(d) A man.

8. Who is Mr. Mason?
(a) He is an investor who wants to buy Coulibri Estate.
(b) He is the Coulibri Estate owner's rich uncle.
(c) He is the Coulibri Estate owner's cousin.
(d) He is a rich Englishman who marries Antoinette's mother.

9. Where and what is Spanish Town?
(a) It is a port city in Dominica.
(b) It is a large, sophisticated town in Jamaica.
(c) It is a small shanty town near the Coulibri estate.
(d) It is a slum located in Negril.

10. How does Antoinette describe everything at her school?
(a) Cool and soothing.
(b) Brightness or dark.
(c) Very colorful.
(d) Grey like the stones.

11. How does Antoinette's demeanor change after she leaves school?
(a) She is increasingly confused about the past and present.
(b) She is bitter.
(c) She is excited.
(d) She is a perfect young lady.

12. How does Myra always look?
(a) Mournful.
(b) Cheerful.
(c) Sad.
(d) Dull.

13. What does Antoinette remember her mother wearing as Part One ends?
(a) Her wedding dress.
(b) A red flower in her hair.
(c) Her soft nightgown.
(d) Her mended riding habit.

14. What is a glacis?
(a) A look-out tower attached to a large manion.
(b) The French word for a glass.
(c) A large covered porch.
(d) A large fan used to keep the house cool.

15. What becomes of Antoinette's mother after they leave Coulibri?
(a) She goes insane.
(b) She agrees to take care of her sick aunt.
(c) She moves to England with her husband.
(d) She divorces her husband.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Tia and Antoinette cease to be friends?

2. Part One is told from whose point of view?

3. How does Antoinette feel when Mr. Mason tells her about their visitor(s)?

4. How does Antoinette feel about the garden?

5. What else does Antoinette say she dreams in Part One?

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