Wide Sargasso Sea Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Do the Jamaican "ladies" approve of Antoinette's mother?

They do not. The Jamaican ladies feel she is too pretty and too young for her husband. Furthermore, Antoinette's mother is from the island of Martinique, another reason the Jamaican "ladies" don't like her.

2. How does Antoinette describe the garden at Coulibri?

The garden is not only large and beautiful, but also overgrown and wild. Antoinette describes it in contradicting words. Life and death, delicate beauty and bare tentacles, are juxtaposed in her description of the Garden. She compares it to the Garden of Eden in the Bible and says she loves to sit near the garden wall and wishes to never move again.

3. Why does Christophine live with the Cosways?

Antoinette's mother says that Christophine is a wedding gift from her first husband and stays with them after the Emancipation Act because she wants to, not because she has to. Mrs. Cosway also says that Christophine has her own good reasons to stay, but does not say what they are.

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