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Objective: Identifying the narrator is an important component in understanding Jean Rhy's story " Wide Sargasso Sea". The narrative jumps between two or three character's points of view, and they are not explicitly identified. Jean Rhys creates a story and an identity for the unsympathetic character, the insane wife of Mr. Rochester, the character Bertha Mason of Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre". Rhys gives Bertha another name in her story, the name Antoinette. And, interestingly, Rhys does not call Mr. Rochester by name, simple referring to him most of the time as "the husband". The narrator is not always easily identified and events are not presented in sequential order, so it is important to pick up on clues during narrations to determine who is speaking. This can be done by focusing on what is being said and who or what is being discussed. Points of view and opinions about...

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