Wide Sargasso Sea Fun Activities

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Students Collect Newspaper, Internet, and Magazine Articles on Slavery, Racism, and Classism.

• Students will research articles about modern slavery, racism, and classism a day or two before the activity.

• They will bring in printed copies of the articles they find, i.e.: cut out of the paper or magazine or printed off the internet.

• Divide the class into three groups, one with each topic as their theme.

• Students will exchange information they have found, so that each group has several resources about their topic.

• Have each group prepare a short oral presentation on what they have learned about these topics.

Make a Map of the West Indies.

• Provide the class with a map of the Caribbean, and go over it with them.

• Divide the class into groups and give each group a list of the important islands and towns mentioned in the story.

• Have each group draw a...

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