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Essay Topic 1

The opening passage of "Wide Sargasso Sea" speaks of closing ranks when trouble comes. What does "closing ranks" mean? What trouble has come in the story. Who is closing ranks and why?

Essay Topic 2

Antoinette's mother is described as beautiful, young, and worst of all from Martinique. Why would the "Jamaican ladies" disapprove of the young woman? Explain why coming from Martinique might be a problem. How does the behavior of the "Jamaican ladies" make Antoinette's mother feel?

Essay Topic 3

What is the "Emancipation Act"? What effect does it have on the West Indies economy? Which groups are effected most? Explain how they are effected and why you believe it is important to the story.

Essay Topic 4

How does Antoinette's mother treat her? Is she sympathetic to Antoinette's emotional needs? How do you think the mother's behavior shapes Antoinette's understanding of love?

Essay Topic 5

Coulibri Estate...

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