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Part 1

• The story opens in the British colony of Jamaica during the 1830's.

• The black slaves are recently freed by the British and are poor as they await their promised compensation.

• There is a great deal of tension between the former slaves and their former owners.

• The former slaves call their former owners "cockroaches" and "white niggers".

• The opening lines of the story create an ominous setup of the story about to unfold.

• The central character of the story, Antoinette, narrates Part One in the first person.

• The reader is introduced to Antoinette's mother, Annette Cosway.

• Mrs. Cosway is beautiful and is from Martinique, another island in the West Indies.

• The "proper society" ladies of Jamaica do not approve of Mrs. Cosway, and she is a favorite topic for gossip.

• Mrs. Cosway has been widowed for about five years.

• Couibri Estate is where Antoinette, her brother, her mother...

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