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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In addition to Beatrice, who else dies in the mob attack?
(a) Harry.
(b) Ralph.
(c) Celia.
(d) John.

2. What eventually kills Mama?
(a) An overdose of laudanum.
(b) An aneurysm.
(c) A stroke.
(d) A stab wound.

3. Which of the following does Beatrice NOT think after she is left alone in the house?
(a) She can finally rest.
(b) She'll be OK if she makes it to morning.
(c) The future is in Ralph's hands.
(d) There is nothing more for her to do.

4. To what does John admit he was nearly addicted?
(a) Laudanum.
(b) Marijuana.
(c) Alcohol.
(d) Cocaine.

5. Why does Celia refuse to take Beatrice's next child as her own?
(a) She doesn't want another lie between herself and Harry.
(b) She is having trouble raising one.
(c) She wants to bear her own child.
(d) She doesn't think Harry is the child's father.

6. What happens at the moment that Beatrice is killed?
(a) The dogs howl.
(b) A hawk flies overhead.
(c) A bell chimes.
(d) Lightning strikes.

7. What makes it easy for Beatrice and Harry to continue their midnight trysts?
(a) They are both divorced now.
(b) Celia has moved out.
(c) John gets drunk at night.
(d) John has moved back to town.

8. What is typically placed on top of the final shock of wheat?
(a) A wheat doll.
(b) A flag.
(c) A basket of coins.
(d) A pitchfork.

9. What does Ralph send Beatrice for her birthday?
(a) Flowers.
(b) Perfume.
(c) A basket with a tinderbox inside.
(d) Antique books.

10. Who is the doctor who helps people recover from alcohol addiction?
(a) Dr. Whittaker.
(b) Dr. Rosen.
(c) Dr. Rose.
(d) Dr. Groves.

11. How does Richard almost die when out with Beatrice one day?
(a) He swallows a bell from his rattle.
(b) His carriage is struck by lightning.
(c) He is stung by wasps.
(d) He falls from his horse.

12. Why does Beatrice tell Harry he will never be without her?
(a) He would die without her giving him pleasure.
(b) She makes him laugh.
(c) They are so much alike.
(d) They share the same business ambitions.

13. Why does John say Beatrice will soon lose Wideacre?
(a) She will have to sell it to pay creditors.
(b) It is getting too big to maintain.
(c) The Culler will burn it down.
(d) He is going to take it over.

14. Where had John gone to visit his father?
(a) Wales.
(b) Ireland.
(c) England.
(d) Scotland.

15. How does Beatrice pay for the entail?
(a) Antiques sale.
(b) Land sale.
(c) Taxes.
(d) John's inheritance.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Beatrice that Mama has died?

2. Whose presence does Beatrice now feel near her?

3. Which of the following activities do the people of Wideacre NOT use the common grounds?

4. Which of the family members earns love and respect from kindnesses shown to the starving people?

5. Which of the following items is NOT found in the special room Beatrice creates for her sexual encounters with Harry?

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