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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Beatrice want Harry to go forward with his marriage to Celia?
(a) To have a young woman at the house for company.
(b) To extend the family.
(c) To produce an heir.
(d) To get her dowry.

2. How does Beatrice plan to retain a hold over Harry?
(a) By acting as confidante.
(b) By threatening to tell secrets about him.
(c) By providing physical pleasure.
(d) By being his business manager.

3. Which men does Beatrice hate?
(a) The politicians.
(b) The farmers who work on Wideacre.
(c) All of them.
(d) The ones which make it impossible for women to own land.

4. What does Harry do when Ralph beats him with a riding crop?
(a) Shoots him.
(b) Runs away.
(c) Begs to be hit again.
(d) Has him arrested.

5. Beatrice hears about ______________ leading bread riots.
(a) A missionary.
(b) A politician.
(c) A one-legged man.
(d) A union representative.

6. In what matter does Mrs. Lacy need Dr. Yately's help?
(a) Letting Harry continue his studies at home.
(b) Getting a building named after the Lacy family.
(c) Starting a scholarship fund.
(d) Keeping Harry from being expelled.

7. How can Celia's skin tone be described?
(a) Milky white.
(b) Sun-kissed.
(c) Peachy.
(d) Swarthy.

8. Why does Julia cry so much on the return voyage?
(a) The motion of the boat frightens her.
(b) The wet nurse is ill and the child is not getting enough nourishment.
(c) She can sense the tension between Celia and Beatrice.
(d) She has colic.

9. Who becomes enamored with Beatrice at Harry and Celia's wedding?
(a) Rev. Stone.
(b) Squire Deeds.
(c) Dr. McAndrew.
(d) Ralph.

10. What does Beatrice plan to use in order to get land for herself?
(a) Her inheritance.
(b) Her wits.
(c) Her body.
(d) Her guile.

11. Who is the headmaster at Harry's school?
(a) Dr. Yately.
(b) Dr. Yarrow.
(c) Dr. Yancey.
(d) Dr. Marley.

12. What does Beatrice know that Ralph really wants?
(a) Harry.
(b) Mrs. Lacy.
(c) Wideacre.
(d) Beatrice.

13. What does Mrs. Lacy order from the apothecary for Beatrice?
(a) Herbs for nausea.
(b) Chamolile for tea.
(c) An emetic.
(d) Sleeping potions.

14. What medicine is prescribed for Beatrice so that she can sleep at night?
(a) Morphine.
(b) Ambien.
(c) Laudanum.
(d) Nyquil.

15. Who will be raising Beatrice's child?
(a) Celia.
(b) Mrs. Lacy.
(c) Beatrice.
(d) Meg.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Beatrice try to abort her baby?

2. How did Meg transport Ralph's body in order to get medical attention?

3. What reason does Beatrice give her mother for their not returning home as expected?

4. How old was Beatrice when her father took her on her first ride on his big horse?

5. Where is Beatrice surprised to see Ralph one day?

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