Objects & Places from Wideacre

Philippa Gregory
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Wideacre - The beloved land belonging to the Lacys and the estate for which Beatrice longs.

The Fenny - The river that runs through Wideacre.

Chichester - The nearby town where Papa buys Beatrice's pony and where Mama goes to buy all the things to redecorate Harry's room upon his arrival from school. It is also where most business is conducted and shopping is done.

Havering Hall - Where Celia's mother and stepfather live.

Tunbridge Wells - Where bread riots occur with rioters led by a one-legged man that Beatrice is certain must be Ralph.

The Golden Fleece - An inn at Portsmouth where Beatrice, Harry and Celia spend the first night of Harry and Celia's honeymoon trip and where Beatrice and Harry spend their first night together as lovers without feeling the need to slip immediately back to their own rooms.

Cherbourgh - Where Harry, Celia...

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