Wideacre Character Descriptions

Philippa Gregory
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Beatrice Lacy

The daughter of the Squire of Wideacre. She can hear the heartbeat of Wideacre and knows the land as no young lady ought. Her Papa takes her with him as he cares diligently for their land and Beatrice learns all the things necessary for caring for the estate and its people.

Harry Lacy

The son who will become Squire of Wideacre. He is away at school while Beatrice learns about Wideacre. Beatrice looks on Harry's absence as an exile but it is actually his chance to gain the knowledge he will need to make the estate prosper.

Celia Havering Lacy

She is a mousy little thing, quietly accepting the fact that she is the stepdaughter in a household poorly run by a manager who is seldom home.

John MacAndrews

He is a doctor, born in Scotland and wealthy in his own right. He falls in love...

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