Wideacre Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Philippa Gregory
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Chapters 1 and 2

• Beatrice, called Miss Beatrice by almost everyone because of her position in the family, believes Wideacre to be at the center of the universe.

• Beatrice is only four years old when her father, the Squire, takes her for a ride on his big horse for the first time and she loves it.

• Beatrice spends much of her time exploring Wideacre and learning about how the estate runs.

• Beatrice's brother, Harry, is prone to illness so Beatrice explores alone and one day meets a boy named Ralph and they become friends.

• Eventually Harry is sent away to school and Beatrice remains at Wideacre, becoming familiar with the estate and all the people who live and work on it.
• Beatrice understands that girls cannot inherit and are sent away to be married but she never believes this will happen to her because she loves the land so much...

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