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Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Elphaba when Nanny sees her for the first time?

2. In "The Clock of the Time Dragon," where does Frexspar stop to ask if a woman can come to stay with Melena?

3. When Boq is helping with Doctor Dillamond's research, how often do he and Elphaba meet?

4. In Part II during the summer, where is Elphaba working?

5. What gems lie in the ground in Quadling Country?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Elphaba's hair look like?

2. What does Crage Hall look like?

3. What is Boq's summer job?

4. Why have workers from the Emerald City gone to Quadling Country?

5. How does Boq know Elphaba?

6. According to Nanny, how long do women go on having babies?

7. Why does a woman in a widow's shawl lead Frex away from the Time Dragon?

8. What does Nanny decide that Elphaba needs in "Child's Play" and how does she help the girl get what she needs?

9. What image on a 400 to 500-year-old codex catches Boq's attention?

10. How did Doctor Dillamond get the opportunity to go to college and become a professor?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Malena and Frex are married, but spend little time together. Why does the couple spend so much time apart, and how does it affect their marriage?

Essay Topic 2

Elphaba and Liir are given quarters at Kiamo Ko. How do Elphaba and Liir feel about staying at the castle, and how do the inhabitants feel about having them there?

Essay Topic 3

Elphaba has a private audience with Princess Nastoya. Why did Elphaba speak to the princess alone, and why did that conversation lead to Elphaba's request to return to the princess?

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