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Short Answer Questions

1. At what time is the clock of the Time Dragon stuck?

2. What is Elphaba eating for breakfast when Turtle Heart appears?

3. What word does Galinda use to describe how Boq is to look at?

4. In Part II, Chapter 2, who entertained Ama Clutch and the other Amas?

5. What does Elphaba tell Boq that she has bought for her sister in Part II?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Melena's child look like when she is born?

2. How does Boq know Elphaba?

3. What does Crage Hall look like?

4. Why does a woman in a widow's shawl lead Frex away from the Time Dragon?

5. What does Frex say when Nanny asks him if anyone in his lineage has had green skin?

6. According to Nanny, how long do women go on having babies?

7. What is a Quell?

8. What happens if Elphaba isn't tied down as a baby?

9. What does Nanny take from Melena's when she leaves in "Maladies and Remedies"?

10. What does Nessarose look like?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Elphaba and her birth are unusual. Explain what is unusual about her birth and what is different about Elphaba herself.

Essay Topic 2

Elphaba has a private audience with Princess Nastoya. Why did Elphaba speak to the princess alone, and why did that conversation lead to Elphaba's request to return to the princess?

Essay Topic 3

Elphaba goes to see her father and sister. Why doesn't Elphaba stay in Munchkinland with her family?

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