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Short Answer Questions

1. In Part II, where is everyone except Boq going for the evening?

2. What is Dorothy wearing in the Prologue?

3. What does Turtle Heart fix for supper after a fire is built in the yard?

4. What does Nanny suggest doing just before she leaves to rid Elphaba of her green skin?

5. At the beginning of Part II, where is Galinda traveling?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why have workers from the Emerald City gone to Quadling Country?

2. What are Galinda's choices for housing because her Ama isn't there to help her?

3. What does Elphaba's hair look like?

4. What does Frex do that shows he is more concerned for Melena than she knows?

5. According to Nanny, how long do women go on having babies?

6. What does Nanny decide that Elphaba needs in "Child's Play" and how does she help the girl get what she needs?

7. What does Madame Morrible suggest that Galinda study and what does she say might happen if Galinda pursues that course of study?

8. What is Boq's summer job?

9. Why is Melena taken away from her home in the middle of childbirth?

10. What does the man look like who comes to Malena's gate in "The Quadling Glassblower"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Elphaba had to be a part of her father's efforts to convert the Quadling people. How did being a part of her father's missionary efforts affect Elphaba throughout her life?

Essay Topic 2

Elphaba and Fiyero become lovers. Why do they become lovers and how does their relationship end?

Essay Topic 3

During her time in college, Galinda grows and matures. What events cause Galinda to mature and grow up, and what is a symbol of that change?

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