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Red Shoes

These were a present to Nessarose from her father and symbolize beauty and love.


This is a purifying and cleansing element that Elphaba is allergic to.

The Book/Grimmerie

This is an object of power and knowledge that Elphaba refuses to give to the Wizard.

The Clock of the Time Dragon

This is an object that is operated by a mysterious dwarf.

Yellow Brick Road

This is a place that runs between Munchkinland and the Emerald CIty and which has been damaged in protest by many residents of Oz.

Colwen Grounds

This is the palace where the Eminent Thropp resides.


This is the site of all universities in Oz.


This is an object that allows Elphaba to travel freely.

Kiamo Ko

This is the winter fortress for Fiyero and his family and becomes Elphaba's home.


This is something Nanny saved from Melena's...

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