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Lesson 1 (from Prologue and The Munchkinlanders)


Gregory Maguire is the author of "Wicked." The aim of this lesson is examine Maguire's life, writing, and how he came to write the book.


Class Discussion: Use reference materials as needed. What role did reading play in Maguire's occupation as a writer? What part might have heredity have played in his writing career? When did he begin writing? How many of his books are derivative of other works? Where does he get ideas for his books? How does he use ideas from other authors and yet write totally original works? What process does he follow when he writes? What does he dislike about writing? What genres does he write in?

Activity: Divide the students into small groups. Have each group create a chart or poster about Maguire's writing. What books has Maguire written? Has he won awards for his writing? If he has won...

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