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Create a map of Shiz and the college.


Using Galinda's descriptions of the architecture of Shiz, sketch some of the buildings.

Quell Poetry

Based upon the parameters of that type of poetry given by Madame Morrible, write a Quell poem.


Write your own creation story to tell how Animals were created.

Ephaba and Nessarose

Draw a portrait of the two sisters.

The Wizard

Write a history for the Wizard and how he got control of Oz based upon the hints in the novel.


Write a legend that explains the beginning of the celebration Lurlinemas and imagine how it was celebrated.

Grasstrail Train

Draw a map of the route that the Train took when Elphaba traveled on it.


Create a diorama of Kiamo Ko.

Journey to Munchkinland

Compare Elphaba's journey to Munchkinland and her journey through the Vinkus.

The Eminent Thropp

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