Wicked Character Descriptions

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This character is born inside the Clock of the Time Dragon with green skin.


This character is a Unionist minister.


This character marries a minster, has three children, and is unfaithful in her marriage.


This character comes to the aid of her former charge after childbirth and also acts as a chaperone for her former charge’s daughters.

Turtle Heart

This character is a glassblower who has an affair with a minister’s wife.


This character arrives at college without chaperone, makes a visit to the Emerald City, and eventually marries a wealthy man from her homeland.

Dr. Dillamond

This character is a goat who teaches science at Crage Hall.

Madame Morrible

This character is the head of the university for women.

Ama Clutch

This character is a chaperone who steps on a nail and does not accompany her charge to college but joins...

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