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Prologue and The Munchkinlanders

• In the Prologue, the Witch flies over the Yellow Brick road and observes a Lion, Tinman, Scarecrow, and a girl.

• They talk about the Witch and make negative comments about her.

• The group becomes frightened because a storm is coming.

• As they leave, the Witch see that girl is wearing her sister’s red shoes.

• In Part I, Melena and her husband live in the rural village of Three Dead Trees in Munckinland.

• The woman wakes and tells her husband she will have their baby that day.

• The husband asks her to wait, he is a busy minister who has an important sermon to deliver.

• Melena is annoyed as she fixes breakfast and her husband prepares to leave.

• As he leaves, Frex stops to ask some fisherwomen to stay with Melena.

• As he travels, he stops to read letters a distant relative sent him...

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