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Melissa Marr
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aislinn admit to Keenan?

2. Under what circumstances does Seth say Keenan was wrong?

3. Who does Aislinn go to see after talking with Keenan?

4. What do Seth's friends want Seth to do?

5. What does Keenan realize his mother is doing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was Moira and what happened to her?

2. What does Aislinn prove to Keenan and what does he tell her?

3. What does Donia tell Keenan about Beira's visit to Donia and what are Donia's hopes?

4. Who arrives at Seth's house and why do they leave again shortly after arriving?

5. What "recipe" do Aislinn and Seth work on choosing?

6. What worries Seth about Aislinn concerning Keenan, and how does she reassure him?

7. What have some of the Dark Fey done, and how does Keenan respond?

8. What happens to Beira, and who becomes the new Winter Queen?

9. Who comes to Seth's house and how do Seth and Aislinn act?

10. What does Aislinn tell Seth about the night before?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Whenever reading a science fiction or fantasy novel, one must become familiar with new terminology that explains concepts or technology that is not a part of the "real" world. In the case of Wicked Lovely, much of the setting is familiar to the reader, though there are new ideas and terms to learn. Discuss the following:

1. Find five terms that are a part of "Wicked Lovely's" world that occur in the "real" world but are used differently in "Wicked Lovely". Define the words as used in "Wicked Lovely" and compare those five words as to how they are currently used in the American English language.

2. There are ways of learning about a new world or time when reading a science fiction or fantasy novel. Discuss the ways you were able to understand the world of "Wicked Lovely". Did you have to look up any words? What does it mean to learn a word through its context? Do you have to do that in "Wicked Lovely"? What word(s)?

4. Were there any words you never really understood in this book? Which ones? How can you learn the meaning of those words?

Essay Topic 2

Aislinn is in some ways a larger-than-life heroine. Despite incredible odds, she usually comes out on top, in "Wicked Lovely" and in the other books in the series. Discuss the following:

1. Does having a larger-than-life hero make that person less of a hero? In other words, which is more admirable--a hero who ultimately always "lands on her feet," or one who strives against impossible odds and doesn't succeed?

2. Does a character have to be successful in order to be a hero? Explain your answer.

3. Choose one other character besides Aislinn who you might call a hero/heroine and explain why you choose that person.

4. Does every work of fiction have to have a hero? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the following:

1. What do you think are the characteristics of a successful novel?

2. Analyze and discuss "Wicked Lovely" based upon the criteria you decide upon in #1 and judge if "Wicked Lovely" is a successful novel.

3. Do you think the criteria for a successful novel should be different if it is written for adults versus young adults? Why or why not? Would most adults consider "Wicked Lovely" a successful novel? What about young teens?

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