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Melissa Marr
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Donia wonder if Aislinn can see the fey?
(a) Aislinn jumps when a faery comes up beside her.
(b) Aislinn mentions the faery tree.
(c) By some comments Aislinn makes to Donia.
(d) Aislinn mentions Keenan.

2. Who is Sasha?
(a) Seth's younger brother.
(b) The Winter Queen's ghost hound.
(c) A friend of Donia's.
(d) A faery prince.

3. What style house does Beira maintain?
(a) Gothic.
(b) Adobe.
(c) Tree.
(d) Victorian.

4. How does Aislinn respond to Seth on the phone?
(a) She withdraws.
(b) She resists him.
(c) She is hurt.
(d) She reassures him.

5. Whose power has Beira bound?
(a) Leslie's.
(b) Keenan's.
(c) Seth's.
(d) Aislinn's.

6. Who does Aislinn think she may have to confront?
(a) Her attackers in the park.
(b) Sasha.
(c) Donia or Keenan.
(d) Seth.

7. What does Aislin think she cannot handle?
(a) Losing Seth.
(b) Anything happening to Gram.
(c) Pretending she does not know Donia is a faery.
(d) Another day of Keenan's pressure.

8. What does Donia not yet know concerning Seth?
(a) That he is angry at Aislinn.
(b) That he is in love with Aislinn.
(c) That he is able to see the fey.
(d) That he knows about her.

9. What is said about the girl who is in the forest at the opening of the Prologue?
(a) She is too young.
(b) She is not the right one.
(c) She is afraid to help.
(d) She is unwilling to help.

10. What is changing whether Aislinn likes it or not?
(a) The way males and females interact.
(b) The way kids respond these days to stress.
(c) The rules about careers and going to college.
(d) The rules about interacting with faeries.

11. What did Aislinn's Grams tell her about faeries?
(a) Aislinn should try to kill any faeries she sees.
(b) Aislinn must ignore faeries.
(c) Faeries do not exist.
(d) Aislinn must acknowledge a faery when she sees one.

12. What does Beira say Donia must do?
(a) Convince Seth to marry Aislinn.
(b) Lure Keenan away from the town.
(c) Lie, cheat or whatever to make certain Aislinn does not touch the staff.
(d) Lure Aislinn to her death.

13. What does Seth do as he and Aislinn are talking at his place?
(a) Ask Aislinn if he has a chance with her.
(b) Make them lunch.
(c) Kiss Aislinn.
(d) Tell Aislinn about his research.

14. Who does Aislinn talk to briefly?
(a) Keenan.
(b) Seth.
(c) Donia.
(d) Beira.

15. What does Aislinn resist all day?
(a) Keenan's charms.
(b) Seth trying to protect her.
(c) Donia trying to make Aislinn slip up and admit she can see faeries.
(d) Beira trying to force her to alienate Seth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Beira threaten Donia with if Donia fails?

2. Who says that Keenan must be casual in his approach to Aislinn for a while?

3. Who is Keenan?

4. What is one thing faeries tend to avoid?

5. About what does Aislinn confide in Seth?

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