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Melissa Marr
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does one know that a faery is really strong?
(a) They are darker than other faeries.
(b) They have a blue aura.
(c) They can touch steel more easily than a weaker faery.
(d) They have a yellow aura.

2. Who lives in a converted train car?
(a) Aislinn's Grams.
(b) Keenan.
(c) Seth.
(d) Aislinn.

3. What does Donia notice that Seth is doing?
(a) Trying to protect Aislinn.
(b) Talking to a faery girl.
(c) Looking on the library shelves under the subject of faeries.
(d) Keeping a sharp eye on the other boys at school.

4. What do Aislinn and Seth discuss at his place?
(a) Aislinn's college plans.
(b) Keenan.
(c) His faerie research.
(d) What Aislinn will do after high school.

5. What does Gram notice when Aislinn comes home?
(a) That Seth is with her and they are not happy.
(b) That something is wrong.
(c) That Aislinn has faery dust in her hair.
(d) That Aislinn has a faery kiss on her forehead.

6. Who is with the priest that comes up to Aislinn's locker?
(a) Gram.
(b) Keenan.
(c) Donia.
(d) Seth.

7. What does Aislinn resist all day?
(a) Beira trying to force her to alienate Seth.
(b) Keenan's charms.
(c) Donia trying to make Aislinn slip up and admit she can see faeries.
(d) Seth trying to protect her.

8. What is Aislinn doing when she almost slips up and admits she can see faeries?
(a) Writing in her journal.
(b) Talking to Seth.
(c) Reading poetry.
(d) Talking to Donia.

9. What does Aislinn want to accept?
(a) A bet from her older brother.
(b) A bracelet from a guy at school.
(c) A ride to school from the most popular boy at school.
(d) Keenan's offer of a date.

10. How does Aislinn respond to Seth on the phone?
(a) She resists him.
(b) She reassures him.
(c) She is hurt.
(d) She withdraws.

11. What does Aislin think she cannot handle?
(a) Another day of Keenan's pressure.
(b) Anything happening to Gram.
(c) Losing Seth.
(d) Pretending she does not know Donia is a faery.

12. Who tells Keenan he must be more forceful in his approach to Aislinn?
(a) Beira.
(b) Keenan's brother.
(c) One of his advisers.
(d) Donia.

13. Who does Donia think is responsible for what happened to Aislinn in the park?
(a) No one.
(b) Beira.
(c) Some gangs that have been causing problems.
(d) Keenan.

14. Where does Aislinn run when she is fleeing Keenan?
(a) Her Gram's house.
(b) Her mother's workplace.
(c) Her father's workplace.
(d) Seth's house.

15. What is one thing faeries tend to avoid?
(a) Concrete.
(b) Religious artifacts.
(c) Grass.
(d) Glass.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aislinn find at school the next morning?

2. What has Seth found in many books?

3. About what does Aislinn confide in Seth?

4. What can only the right girl do?

5. What does Donia do after Seth leaves her presence?

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