Wicked Lovely Short Essay - Answer Key

Melissa Marr
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1. What is the faery king's dilemma as shown in the Prologue?

The faery king is bound by magic so that only the right girl can set him free.

2. What happens when the girl grasps the Winter Queen's staff?

As the girl grasps the Winter Queen's staff, hoping to break the spell, she feels the icy chill penetrate her being. She will now feel only the Winter Queen's chill until another girl either takes her place or sets the boy free.

3. What is Aislinn doing with her friend Denny and why is Aislinn's concentration broken momentarily?

Aislinn is playing pool with her friend Denny. Both are very good at the game, but Aislinn loses a bit of her touch when the faeries come into the pool hall.

4. Why does Aislinn pretend she cannot see faeries?

Aislinn's Grams has told her from a very early age that she must ignore the faeries and pretend that she does not see them. If they know that she can see them, they'll never leave her alone.

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