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Melissa Marr
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 24 through 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Donia find Seth?
(a) At his locker.
(b) In the library.
(c) In the cafeteria.
(d) In the courtyard.

2. What did Aislinn's Grams tell her about faeries?
(a) Aislinn must ignore faeries.
(b) Aislinn should try to kill any faeries she sees.
(c) Faeries do not exist.
(d) Aislinn must acknowledge a faery when she sees one.

3. How does Seth feel towards Aislinn after she talks to him about the night before?
(a) Disappointed.
(b) Furious.
(c) Not angry.
(d) Hurt.

4. Where does Aislin awaken?
(a) In Seth's place.
(b) In Donia's cabin.
(c) In her room.
(d) In Keenan's home.

5. What does Keenan ask Donia?
(a) If Donia talked to Aislinn.
(b) Why Donia was talking to Aislinn in the park today.
(c) If Sasha got the men who were attacking Aislinn.
(d) Why his mother visited Donia.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Aislinn tell Beira Aislinn hates?

2. What happens when Keenan takes Aislinn's hand?

3. What does Gram notice when Aislinn comes home?

4. What does Beira threaten Donia with if Donia fails?

5. What does Keenan say is over for Aislinn?

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