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Melissa Marr
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12 through 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What will happen when Keenan finds the right girl to marry?
(a) His mother will die.
(b) He will become the Fall King and his wife the Spring Queen.
(c) His mother's reign will be ended.
(d) The girl will become immortal.

2. Where do Seth and Aislinn go on the way to Aislinn's home?
(a) The music store.
(b) The grocery store.
(c) The tattoo shop.
(d) The video store.

3. Who is Sasha?
(a) Seth's younger brother.
(b) The Winter Queen's ghost hound.
(c) A faery prince.
(d) A friend of Donia's.

4. What does Aislinn decide she will do concerning Keenan at school the next day?
(a) Not run or resist.
(b) Ask the principal to make Keenan leave her alone.
(c) Forbid Keenan to speak with her.
(d) As Seth to run interference between her and Keenan.

5. Where does Keenan ask Aislinn to go?
(a) To the movies.
(b) To the park.
(c) To the carnival.
(d) To the skating rink.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is waiting for Keenan when he returns to his loft?

2. Who is with the priest that comes up to Aislinn's locker?

3. What is Gram's response to Aislinn's statement about Seth?

4. Who says that Keenan must be casual in his approach to Aislinn for a while?

5. Who tells Keenan he must be more forceful in his approach to Aislinn?

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