Wicked Lovely Multiple Choice Test Questions

Melissa Marr
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Prologue though Chapter 3

1. With whom has a girl fallen in love in the Prologue?
(a) A faery king.
(b) A dryad.
(c) A wood sprite.
(d) A satyr.

2. What can only the right girl do?
(a) Speak to the satyr.
(b) Set the king free.
(c) Help the dryad find its tree.
(d) See the wood nymph.

3. What is said about the girl who is in the forest at the opening of the Prologue?
(a) She is not the right one.
(b) She is too young.
(c) She is afraid to help.
(d) She is unwilling to help.

4. What does the girl grasp to try to fulfill the mission?
(a) The Winter Queen's staff.
(b) The silver crystal.
(c) The black orb.
(d) The wood distaff.

5. What does the girl feel inside her being?
(a) A shrill pitched buzz.
(b) Waves of heat.
(c) A low hum.
(d) An icy chill.

6. When will the girl stop feeling what has happened to her?
(a) When she goes to the crone and gets a remedy.
(b) When the boy is free or the right girl comes along.
(c) Never.
(d) When she is out of the woods.

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