Wicked Lovely Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Melissa Marr
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Prologue though Chapter 3

• A girl is in the forest with a faerie king who is bound by magic so that only the right girl can set him free. The girl is not the right one.

• She has fallen in love with him so grasps the Winter Queen's staff hoping to break the spell. An icy chill penetrates her being.

• She will feel only the Winter Queen's chill until another girl takes her place or the girl is free.

• Aislinn and Denny are shooting pool. She is better than he but loses a bit of her touch when the faeries enter the pool hall.

• She can see them but does not show it. Her Grams told her from an early age she must ignore the faeries or they will not leave her alone.
• Aislinn loses control and runs from Keenan, the Summer King. She goes to Seth's house and...

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