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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Vivian marry after Maya has gone to live with her?

2. How does Miss Kerwin treat her black and white students?

3. An adult Maya suggests that black people survive ___________________.

4. Why is Maya worried about seeing her mother again?

5. What does Mrs. Taylor's funeral do to Maya?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Maya imagine her grandmother will handle the dentist?

2. Where does Maya stay after leaving her father's friend's?

3. Describe Maya's trip to Mexico with her father.

4. How does Maya feel about school when she returns and what does she do about it?

5. What does Maya's father do for a living and how does he obtain what is necessary for the job?

6. Describe the living arrangements for Maya and her family after her mother marries Mr. Clidell .

7. What happens when Maya decides she wants to work on the street car?

8. Explain how blacks avoid lying, according to Maya.

9. Describe the reason for George Taylor's visit and the visit itself.

10. Describe Mrs. Taylor's funeral and Maya's reaction.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the first things white people did after they taught slaves English, was teach them about Christianity. How do you think the church was used to oppress slaves?

Essay Topic 2

Do you think Maya's family's socioeconomic position affected her life as much as her race? Why or why not? Use examples from the book to illustrate your opinion.

Essay Topic 3

There were many reasons Maya did not fit into school or home. What do you think she could have done to fit in better at her white school? What could the other children have done to help?

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