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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do some people who live farther away stay at Momma's after the fight?
(a) to join a celebration
(b) they were too tired to walk home
(c) to make money on boarding them
(d) fear of repercussions from white men

2. What do the black women do for the yearly gathering in Stamps?
(a) dance
(b) bake
(c) babysit
(d) sew costumes

3. What do the blacks ask in regard to the whites and judgment?
(a) When is it going to happen?
(b) How bad is it going to be?
(c) Will the poor get to see the judgment?
(d) Will rich blacks be included?

4. What does Maya find interesting about poor people's attitude towards God?
(a) They are angry at God.
(b) They praise God in spite of poverty.
(c) They attribute their situation to God's will.
(d) They think God will save them.

5. How many times has Momma been married?
(a) two
(b) once
(c) three
(d) none

Short Answer Questions

1. As a young child who is Maya's favorite author?

2. How does life for the blacks in Stamps change following the fight?

3. Where do the children go when they leave Stamps?

4. What is one of Mrs. Cullinan's main problems?

5. What makes Maya proud to be black for the first time?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Maya's thoughts as she watches the cotton pickers.

2. Describe Mrs. Cullinan.

3. Describe Maya's reaction to her first Valentine.

4. Describe Bailey's hideaway and what he does there.

5. How does Maya see Mrs. Flowers and how does she feel about her?

6. How does Maya feel about her grandmother's store?

7. Why are people gathered at the store in Chapter 19 and why are the children excited?

8. What does Maya say about Reverend Howard Thomas?

9. How does Bailey interact with people once they are back in Stamps?

10. Why is Saturday important to Maya?

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