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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who holds all the money in the gang Maya joins?
(a) Bootsie
(b) James
(c) Sabrina
(d) Maya

2. How does Maya prove she is not a lesbian?
(a) She starts dating boys.
(b) She has sex with a boy.
(c) She reads more books.
(d) She sees a psychologist.

3. How does the black community treat the graduates of Lafayette Training School?
(a) like laborers
(b) like college graduates
(c) like royalty
(d) no different than anyone else

4. How is Bailey changing in San Francisco?
(a) He is more studious.
(b) He is quieter.
(c) He is more timid.
(d) He is becoming more street smart.

5. Why does Maya start cutting school?
(a) She does not have much in common with the girls at school.
(b) She does not like the principal.
(c) She hates reading.
(d) She thinks she has enough education.

6. How far is Maya moved up when she starts school in San Francisco?
(a) one semester
(b) she is not moved up
(c) two years
(d) two semesters

7. Why can Maya not become a lesbian, according to her mother?
(a) She has seen Maya watching boys.
(b) It is against the church.
(c) Her mother has one son and one daughter.
(d) It does not run in the family.

8. What does Bailey do in response to his mother's dislike of his lifestyle?
(a) quits hanging with his friends
(b) moves out
(c) goes back to school
(d) slaps her

9. How is racism practiced in San Francisco?
(a) violently
(b) openly
(c) there is none
(d) covertly

10. With whom does Maya have adult conversations?
(a) her grandmother
(b) her stepfather
(c) college graduates that board with her mother
(d) students in school

11. What book does Maya read that exposes her to lesbianism?
(a) Dykes on Bikes
(b) The Children's Hour
(c) The Well of Loneliness
(d) Six of One

12. What does Maya's mother tell her when she is worried about raising a child?
(a) She will help her.
(b) She should take a parenting class.
(c) Being a parent is very difficult.
(d) She will be fine because it is natural.

13. Maya think lesbians are the same as _________.
(a) single older women
(b) tough girls
(c) hermaphrodites
(d) tomboys

14. What does Maya think about her supervisors on the job?
(a) They are not prejudiced.
(b) They are very competent.
(c) They like her.
(d) They are discriminating against her.

15. What does her stepfather teach her about con men?
(a) how to spot them
(b) how to join them
(c) to stay away from them
(d) how to con them

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Maya see the city of San Francisco?

2. Who teaches Maya the rules of the junkyard?

3. How does Maya feel about being pregnant?

4. Where does Maya spend summer vacation?

5. Where does Maya's father take her after her fight with Dolores?

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