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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maya's mother tell her when she is worried about raising a child?
(a) She will help her.
(b) Being a parent is very difficult.
(c) She will be fine because it is natural.
(d) She should take a parenting class.

2. How does Maya feel about the threat of bombings during the war?
(a) indifferent
(b) frightened
(c) at home
(d) unbelieving

3. Where does Maya transfer to school?
(a) Edgewater High
(b) San Franciso High
(c) Jefferson High School
(d) George Washington High School

4. How does Dolores feel about Maya?
(a) She is afraid of her.
(b) She likes her.
(c) She wants to adopt her.
(d) She is jealous of her.

5. What does Maya take from Mrs. Flowers when she leaves?
(a) a piece of jewlery
(b) her scarf
(c) a satin cushion
(d) her gift of books

6. What do the boys in the gang do for money?
(a) sweep out pool halls and mow lawns
(b) steal
(c) con people
(d) shine shoes

7. What kind of people does the street car company hire?
(a) white people
(b) high school graduates
(c) Chinese
(d) educated people

8. What book does Maya read that exposes her to lesbianism?
(a) Dykes on Bikes
(b) Six of One
(c) The Well of Loneliness
(d) The Children's Hour

9. How does Maya react to her fight with Dolores?
(a) She slaps her.
(b) She apologizes.
(c) She gets scared.
(d) She tells Vivian.

10. How does Vivian teach the children about other cultures?
(a) giving them books to read
(b) through food
(c) taking them to different parts of the city
(d) introducing them to people from other countries

11. Who does Vivian marry after Maya has gone to live with her?
(a) Mr. Clidell
(b) no one
(c) Mr. William Hardy
(d) Malcom X

12. Where does Momma take Maya when she needs a dentist?
(a) Dr. Sarvey
(b) no where
(c) Dr. Lincoln
(d) to California

13. What does her mother say about Maya's pregnancy?
(a) that she has to go live in Stamps
(b) asks if she wants to marry the boy
(c) that those things happen
(d) that Maya is a whore

14. What does Dolores call Vivian?
(a) a smart woman
(b) a two timer
(c) a creep
(d) a whore

15. Where does Maya go when she runs from her father?
(a) She goes to Florida.
(b) She goes back to her mother.
(c) She goes to Stamps.
(d) She wanders the town.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Vivian think when Maya returns home?

2. What do Bailey and Maya have in common since her return from her father's?

3. What does Momma make the white dentist do?

4. How do Momma and Willie see Momma's confrontation with the dentist?

5. Maya says has gained independence but lost what?

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