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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Maya and Bailey after the incident with Mr. Freedman?
(a) They are put in a boarding school.
(b) They are sent back to Stamps.
(c) They are put in a foster home.
(d) They are sent to their father's home.

2. What do the black women do for the yearly gathering in Stamps?
(a) dance
(b) bake
(c) sew costumes
(d) babysit

3. How did Uncle Willie become handicapped?
(a) born with it
(b) beat up by a white gang
(c) dropped as a baby
(d) hit by a car

4. What does Mrs. Flowers tell Maya about language?
(a) It is God's curse on humans.
(b) It does not matter how you talk.
(c) It is never clear what someone is saying.
(d) It is how man communicates.

5. Why do the blacks say it is fine for the whites to have money?
(a) Blacks have more love.
(b) God loves the black people.
(c) The rich are lonely.
(d) The rich will burn in hell.

6. Why do Maya and Bailey dislike the Reverend Thomas?
(a) He never remembers their names.
(b) He smells funny.
(c) He preaches too long.
(d) He pinches them on the cheek.

7. What does Maya do with the first Valentine she ever receives?
(a) throws it away
(b) tears it up
(c) presses it in a book
(d) burns it

8. Why do some people who live farther away stay at Momma's after the fight?
(a) to join a celebration
(b) to make money on boarding them
(c) fear of repercussions from white men
(d) they were too tired to walk home

9. Why do the children hope for a bloody victory?
(a) The adults will let them stay up late.
(b) It will prove blacks are better than whites.
(c) The adults will give them candy.
(d) It is nice to hear of a white man getting bloody.

10. What does Maya think of her black skin?
(a) that it does not mean anything
(b) that it is beautiful
(c) that it is strange
(d) that it is ugly

11. What convinces Maya as she is leaving that Mrs. Cullinan now knows her name?
(a) Mrs. Cullinan screams at her.
(b) She sends a letter to Mrs. Cullinan.
(c) She leaves it written on the table.
(d) Glory tells Mrs. Cullinan.

12. Who is Reverend Howard Thomas?
(a) Uncle Willie's friend
(b) a presiding elder in the church
(c) Momma's brother
(d) the preacher on television

13. Where do the children go when they leave Stamps?
(a) to their mother's home
(b) to a foster home
(c) they never leave Stamps
(d) to their aunt's home

14. When Louis goes down temporarily how does it feel to the blacks?
(a) like slavery just got reenacted
(b) like segregation is never going to end
(c) like another whipping or lynching
(d) like their dreams were dead

15. What does Maya wish when she reads books about heroes?
(a) that she was a boy
(b) that a hero would kill Mr. Freedman
(c) that she was a princess
(d) that she would be rescued

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Joyce?

2. How does Maya get out of working for Mrs. Cullinan?

3. Why have many black children never seen a white person in Stamps?

4. What is Maya's mother by profession?

5. Where does Bailey build a hideaway?

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