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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maya tell Joyce?
(a) to go to church with them
(b) not to talk to her brother
(c) not to come to the store
(d) not to confuse her brother

2. Why does Maya want to go back to Stamps?
(a) she misses her grandmother.
(b) She hates the weather.
(c) She misses her friends.
(d) She is frightened.

3. What does Maya wish when she reads books about heroes?
(a) that she was a boy
(b) that a hero would kill Mr. Freedman
(c) that she would be rescued
(d) that she was a princess

4. How does Bailey get to Baton Rouge?
(a) tales a bus
(b) drives Momma's car
(c) hitchhikes
(d) hops a freight train

5. What is one of Mrs. Cullinan's main problems?
(a) She is black.
(b) She is an alcoholic.
(c) She is poor.
(d) She is uneducated.

6. How does Bailey feel about the neighbors questions?
(a) resentful
(b) bored
(c) he enjoys the spotlight
(d) anxious

7. What does Maya decide to do after Mr. Freedman is stopped?
(a) never speak to anyone again
(b) run away
(c) become a prostitute
(d) go to college

8. Where do Bailey and Maya sit in church?
(a) in the choir loft
(b) in the back
(c) the front row
(d) with the other children

9. How does Maya imagine herself when she is very young?
(a) as a blonde with blue eyes
(b) as a woman wearing furs and diamonds
(c) as a white man
(d) as a super black model

10. How do Maya and Bailey feel when they get Christmas presents from their parents?
(a) grateful
(b) depressed
(c) angry
(d) happy

11. What does Mr. Freedman order Maya to do?
(a) go to school
(b) walk his dog
(c) read a book
(d) take off her clothes

12. How did Uncle Willie become handicapped?
(a) hit by a car
(b) dropped as a baby
(c) born with it
(d) beat up by a white gang

13. What kind of men are Maya's uncles?
(a) educated and rich
(b) mean and violent
(c) soft spoken and courteous
(d) slow learners

14. What convinces Maya as she is leaving that Mrs. Cullinan now knows her name?
(a) Glory tells Mrs. Cullinan.
(b) Mrs. Cullinan screams at her.
(c) She sends a letter to Mrs. Cullinan.
(d) She leaves it written on the table.

15. Why do Maya and Bailey dislike the Reverend Thomas?
(a) He preaches too long.
(b) He smells funny.
(c) He pinches them on the cheek.
(d) He never remembers their names.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Maya say a person's values and opinions are formed?

2. When Louis goes down temporarily how does it feel to the blacks?

3. How does Maya see living in St. Louis?

4. What does Maya say about her senses following her troubles with Mr. Freedman?

5. What do the preachers talk about in relationship to God and whites?

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