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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Maya give Bailey a dime?
(a) to get her candy
(b) to go to the movies
(c) to get her lipstick
(d) to buy a comic book

2. Where do Bailey and Maya sit in church?
(a) the front row
(b) with the other children
(c) in the back
(d) in the choir loft

3. What are girls in Stamps required to learn?
(a) embroidery, crochet and tatting
(b) childcare, sewing and driving
(c) dressmaking and baking
(d) cooking and cleaning

4. What happens to Mr. Freedman after court?
(a) He rapes her again.
(b) He runs away.
(c) Maya's uncles kill him.
(d) He goes to jail for 20 years.

5. Who does Maya speak to finally after spending time with Mrs. Flowers?
(a) her father
(b) her grandmother
(c) Bailey
(d) Uncle Willie

6. Who is Reverend Howard Thomas?
(a) Momma's brother
(b) Uncle Willie's friend
(c) the preacher on television
(d) a presiding elder in the church

7. What does Maya admire about Bailey?
(a) He can finish all his chores and homework and still read more.
(b) He is much taller than she.
(c) He beats up anyone who gives him a hard time.
(d) He knows how to steal from the white people.

8. What does Bailey do in his hideaway?
(a) plays games with other boys
(b) reads
(c) sleeps
(d) experiments with petting

9. What does Maya call the time she spends with Mrs. Flowers?
(a) her white people time
(b) her lessons in living
(c) her quiet time
(d) her down time

10. What does Maya say about her senses following her troubles with Mr. Freedman?
(a) They wax and wane.
(b) They are about the same.
(c) Colors are muted and sounds are dull.
(d) They are very sensitive.

11. Who wins the fight between the black boxer and the white?
(a) it was a draw
(b) they didn't finish the fight
(c) the white
(d) the black

12. What does Maya decide to do after Mr. Freedman is stopped?
(a) run away
(b) never speak to anyone again
(c) go to college
(d) become a prostitute

13. How does Bailey get to Baton Rouge?
(a) tales a bus
(b) hops a freight train
(c) hitchhikes
(d) drives Momma's car

14. Why do the cotton pickers complain at the end of the day?
(a) They work too hard.
(b) They think the scales are weighted.
(c) They are always cut.
(d) They need more jobs.

15. What is a black person risking to speak to a white person, according to Momma?
(a) being made fun of
(b) having to go to jail
(c) sounding stupid
(d) his or her life

Short Answer Questions

1. What does she learn from the prejudice the blacks face in Stamps?

2. What in the movies reminds Bailey of his mother?

3. How old is Maya when she goes to work for Mrs. Cullinan?

4. What makes Maya proud to be black for the first time?

5. What happens to Maya and Bailey after the incident with Mr. Freedman?

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