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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maya decide to do after Mr. Freedman is stopped?
(a) become a prostitute
(b) never speak to anyone again
(c) run away
(d) go to college

2. What does Maya call the time she spends with Mrs. Flowers?
(a) her quiet time
(b) her down time
(c) her lessons in living
(d) her white people time

3. What does Mrs. Flowers tell Maya about language?
(a) It is never clear what someone is saying.
(b) It is God's curse on humans.
(c) It does not matter how you talk.
(d) It is how man communicates.

4. What do the black women do for the yearly gathering in Stamps?
(a) bake
(b) babysit
(c) sew costumes
(d) dance

5. Why do Maya and her brother go to live with their grandmother in Stamps?
(a) Their parents do not want them.
(b) Their parents divorce.
(c) Their parents are killed.
(d) Their mother is sick.

6. What does Maya do with the first Valentine she ever receives?
(a) tears it up
(b) presses it in a book
(c) burns it
(d) throws it away

7. What day of the week is exciting and different to Maya?
(a) Sunday
(b) Tuesday
(c) Saturday
(d) Thursday

8. What is Maya's mother by profession?
(a) a nurse
(b) a teacher
(c) a minister
(d) a librarian

9. How does Maya imagine herself when she is very young?
(a) as a woman wearing furs and diamonds
(b) as a blonde with blue eyes
(c) as a super black model
(d) as a white man

10. How does life for the blacks in Stamps change following the fight?
(a) It ends segregation.
(b) It gets much worse.
(c) It does not change at all.
(d) It gets better.

11. What does Maya wish when she reads books about heroes?
(a) that she was a princess
(b) that she would be rescued
(c) that a hero would kill Mr. Freedman
(d) that she was a boy

12. Where do the children go when they leave Stamps?
(a) to a foster home
(b) to their mother's home
(c) to their aunt's home
(d) they never leave Stamps

13. Who comes to Stamps to get the children?
(a) Vivian Johnson
(b) no one
(c) Bailey Johnson Senior
(d) Aunt Hilda

14. Why does Maya give Bailey a dime?
(a) to get her lipstick
(b) to buy a comic book
(c) to get her candy
(d) to go to the movies

15. How are the cotton pickers in the first chapter paid?
(a) by the hour
(b) by the weight of cotton they pick
(c) with food
(d) by a company store credit

Short Answer Questions

1. What are two things that interest the neighbors?

2. Who is Reverend Howard Thomas?

3. Who are the fighters that the blacks are listening to during a match broadcast on the radio?

4. Why does Maya run away from the church in the Introduction?

5. What does Maya think of Mrs. Flowers?

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