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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Uncle Willie do to punish mistakes in math that Maya makes?
(a) sprays her with cold water
(b) does not give her dinner
(c) touches her fingers to the stove
(d) slaps her on the head

2. Why do Maya and her brother go to live with their grandmother in Stamps?
(a) Their parents do not want them.
(b) Their parents are killed.
(c) Their mother is sick.
(d) Their parents divorce.

3. What does Bailey do when someone insults Maya?
(a) tells Momma
(b) takes revenge
(c) ignores it
(d) joins in

4. What is a black person risking to speak to a white person, according to Momma?
(a) being made fun of
(b) having to go to jail
(c) sounding stupid
(d) his or her life

5. What does Maya hear all night when Uncle Willie is hiding?
(a) his whimpering
(b) blacks singing
(c) the minister preaching
(d) people running and yelling outside

6. What convinces Maya as she is leaving that Mrs. Cullinan now knows her name?
(a) She sends a letter to Mrs. Cullinan.
(b) She leaves it written on the table.
(c) Mrs. Cullinan screams at her.
(d) Glory tells Mrs. Cullinan.

7. What does Mrs. Cullinan call Maya?
(a) Marguerite
(b) Glory
(c) Mary
(d) Lizzie

8. What is Maya's mother by profession?
(a) a teacher
(b) a librarian
(c) a nurse
(d) a minister

9. What does the young Maya think about white people?
(a) They are dumb.
(b) They smell funny.
(c) They cannot be human.
(d) They are ungodly.

10. What do Maya and her best friend call the language that they create?
(a) Lou
(b) Ameriring
(c) Tut
(d) Ugh

11. What does Maya call the time she spends with Mrs. Flowers?
(a) her quiet time
(b) her lessons in living
(c) her down time
(d) her white people time

12. What does Joyce do that confuses Bailey?
(a) tells him to open his pants
(b) tells him he needs to grow up
(c) tells him about sex
(d) tells him she is a lesbian

13. What does Maya admire about Momma?
(a) her intelligence
(b) her wealth
(c) her strength and power
(d) her beauty

14. Who wins the fight between the black boxer and the white?
(a) the white
(b) the black
(c) it was a draw
(d) they didn't finish the fight

15. What day of the week is exciting and different to Maya?
(a) Saturday
(b) Sunday
(c) Thursday
(d) Tuesday

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Maya run away from the church in the Introduction?

2. Why does Maya want to go back to Stamps?

3. Why do the children hope for a bloody victory?

4. Why do the blacks say it is fine for the whites to have money?

5. What does Bailey do in his hideaway?

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