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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bailey do for Joyce?
(a) teaches her about boys
(b) teaches her to write
(c) steals food for her
(d) teaches her to read

2. In Chapter 18, where do the cotton pickers go after eating dinner?
(a) to see fireworks
(b) to a revival
(c) to friends' or family homes for a visit
(d) to bed

3. Where, according to the author, can childhood questions be answered?
(a) by reading about childhood
(b) by their mother
(c) by their parents
(d) in the town in which the child grew up

4. What does the young Maya think about white people?
(a) They are ungodly.
(b) They cannot be human.
(c) They smell funny.
(d) They are dumb.

5. What kind of men are Maya's uncles?
(a) soft spoken and courteous
(b) educated and rich
(c) mean and violent
(d) slow learners

6. Why do the cotton pickers complain at the end of the day?
(a) They are always cut.
(b) They work too hard.
(c) They think the scales are weighted.
(d) They need more jobs.

7. What do the blacks in Stamps think of Mrs. Flowers?
(a) She is too white.
(b) She is an Uncle Tom.
(c) She is the nobility.
(d) She is a loose woman.

8. What happens to Mr. Freedman after court?
(a) He rapes her again.
(b) He runs away.
(c) He goes to jail for 20 years.
(d) Maya's uncles kill him.

9. Why does Maya say she is so advanced in school?
(a) Uncle Willie and boredom make her read more.
(b) She is very smart.
(c) Her grandmother sent her to private school.
(d) The schools are better in the South.

10. Why have many black children never seen a white person in Stamps?
(a) The blacks do not go in the white section of town.
(b) The white people abuse black children.
(c) Segregation is absolute.
(d) There are no white people in Stamps.

11. What do the preachers talk about in relationship to God and whites?
(a) God hates them.
(b) God is indifferent to them.
(c) They are favored by God.
(d) They will receive punishment.

12. Who does Maya speak to finally after spending time with Mrs. Flowers?
(a) Bailey
(b) her grandmother
(c) her father
(d) Uncle Willie

13. Who comes to Stamps to get the children?
(a) no one
(b) Vivian Johnson
(c) Bailey Johnson Senior
(d) Aunt Hilda

14. Who becomes Maya's first girlfriend?
(a) Ruth Potter
(b) Millie Hanks
(c) Louise Kendricks
(d) Susie Turner

15. What does Bailey do when someone insults Maya?
(a) joins in
(b) takes revenge
(c) tells Momma
(d) ignores it

Short Answer Questions

1. What are girls in Stamps required to learn?

2. What does Maya decide to do after Mr. Freedman is stopped?

3. What happens to Joyce?

4. Why do some people who live farther away stay at Momma's after the fight?

5. How are the cotton pickers in the first chapter paid?

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