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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are the cotton pickers in the first chapter paid?
(a) with food
(b) by a company store credit
(c) by the hour
(d) by the weight of cotton they pick

2. Why is Bailey late getting home one Saturday?
(a) He goes to a movie.
(b) He gets lost in the city.
(c) He is beaten by white boys.
(d) He gets drunk on alcohol.

3. How does life for the blacks in Stamps change following the fight?
(a) It does not change at all.
(b) It gets better.
(c) It ends segregation.
(d) It gets much worse.

4. What does Mrs. Flowers tell Maya about language?
(a) It is how man communicates.
(b) It is never clear what someone is saying.
(c) It is God's curse on humans.
(d) It does not matter how you talk.

5. What does Mr. Freedman order Maya to do?
(a) take off her clothes
(b) walk his dog
(c) read a book
(d) go to school

6. In Chapter 18, where do the cotton pickers go after eating dinner?
(a) to friends' or family homes for a visit
(b) to bed
(c) to a revival
(d) to see fireworks

7. How does segregation affect the attitude of blacks towards whites?
(a) makes the blacks hate the whites
(b) makes the blacks admire the whites
(c) makes the blacks feel contempt towards the whites
(d) makes the blacks pity the whites

8. Why do the children hope for a bloody victory?
(a) The adults will let them stay up late.
(b) It will prove blacks are better than whites.
(c) It is nice to hear of a white man getting bloody.
(d) The adults will give them candy.

9. What does Maya admire about Momma?
(a) her wealth
(b) her strength and power
(c) her beauty
(d) her intelligence

10. What in the movies reminds Bailey of his mother?
(a) the city of San Fransico
(b) watching the trains go west
(c) seeing St. Louis
(d) the actress, Kay Williams

11. Why have many black children never seen a white person in Stamps?
(a) There are no white people in Stamps.
(b) The blacks do not go in the white section of town.
(c) The white people abuse black children.
(d) Segregation is absolute.

12. Who comes to Stamps to get the children?
(a) Aunt Hilda
(b) no one
(c) Bailey Johnson Senior
(d) Vivian Johnson

13. What happens to Maya and Bailey after the incident with Mr. Freedman?
(a) They are sent back to Stamps.
(b) They are sent to their father's home.
(c) They are put in a foster home.
(d) They are put in a boarding school.

14. What does Maya say about her senses following her troubles with Mr. Freedman?
(a) Colors are muted and sounds are dull.
(b) They are very sensitive.
(c) They wax and wane.
(d) They are about the same.

15. How does Bailey feel about the neighbors questions?
(a) anxious
(b) he enjoys the spotlight
(c) bored
(d) resentful

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the blacks ask in regard to the whites and judgment?

2. What does Maya find interesting about poor people's attitude towards God?

3. Why do the blacks say it is fine for the whites to have money?

4. What is Maya's mother by profession?

5. What does Maya decide to do after Mr. Freedman is stopped?

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