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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Maya's father take her on a trip?
(a) Florida
(b) Canada
(c) Mexico
(d) Las Vegas

2. What does the author say determines the ethics of the people?
(a) the education of citizens
(b) the needs of society
(c) parents of children
(d) teaching of the church

3. What does Maya find interesting about poor people's attitude towards God?
(a) They are angry at God.
(b) They think God will save them.
(c) They attribute their situation to God's will.
(d) They praise God in spite of poverty.

4. How does segregation affect the attitude of blacks towards whites?
(a) makes the blacks admire the whites
(b) makes the blacks pity the whites
(c) makes the blacks feel contempt towards the whites
(d) makes the blacks hate the whites

5. What is Maya's mother by profession?
(a) a nurse
(b) a minister
(c) a librarian
(d) a teacher

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Uncle Willie become handicapped?

2. Who, according to blacks, is successful in spite of the oppression of white people?

3. When Louis goes down temporarily how does it feel to the blacks?

4. How does Maya feel about communication with the dead?

5. What does her stepfather teach her about con men?

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