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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bailey feel about the neighbors questions?
(a) bored
(b) he enjoys the spotlight
(c) resentful
(d) anxious

2. How far is Maya moved up when she starts school in San Francisco?
(a) she is not moved up
(b) two years
(c) one semester
(d) two semesters

3. What does Mr. Taylor say about his dead wife and children?
(a) She talked to him last night.
(b) They were not able to have children.
(c) They should have adopted children.
(d) They did not need children.

4. What does Maya call the time she spends with Mrs. Flowers?
(a) her lessons in living
(b) her quiet time
(c) her down time
(d) her white people time

5. How do Momma and Willie see Momma's confrontation with the dentist?
(a) as a failure
(b) as a step backwards
(c) as par for the course
(d) as a victory

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Maya's mother wake her and Bailey at night?

2. What does Maya take from Mrs. Flowers when she leaves?

3. What happens to Maya and Bailey after the incident with Mr. Freedman?

4. As a young child who is Maya's favorite author?

5. How does Maya feel about the threat of bombings during the war?

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