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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maya decide to do after Mr. Freedman is stopped?
(a) run away
(b) never speak to anyone again
(c) become a prostitute
(d) go to college

2. What do the preachers talk about in relationship to God and whites?
(a) They are favored by God.
(b) God hates them.
(c) God is indifferent to them.
(d) They will receive punishment.

3. What does Momma tell the white dentist when he refuses to see Maya?
(a) It is against the law.
(b) God will strike him dead.
(c) She helped him when he was broke.
(d) His wife will be ashamed of him.

4. What does Willie tell Bailey is the reason white people hate blacks so much?
(a) White people feel inferior to blacks.
(b) White people made black people slaves.
(c) Whites have no souls.
(d) Whites are afraid of blacks.

5. What day of the week is exciting and different to Maya?
(a) Saturday
(b) Sunday
(c) Tuesday
(d) Thursday

Short Answer Questions

1. An adult Maya suggests that black people survive ___________________.

2. How does segregation affect the attitude of blacks towards whites?

3. What does Maya take from Mrs. Flowers when she leaves?

4. How does Bailey feel about the neighbors questions?

5. How old is Maya when she goes to work for Mrs. Cullinan?

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