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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are two things that interest the neighbors?
(a) elevators and white people
(b) corn and tobacco
(c) farming and owning a store
(d) the military and war

2. What does Maya say about her senses following her troubles with Mr. Freedman?
(a) They wax and wane.
(b) They are very sensitive.
(c) Colors are muted and sounds are dull.
(d) They are about the same.

3. What does Maya admire about Bailey?
(a) He can finish all his chores and homework and still read more.
(b) He beats up anyone who gives him a hard time.
(c) He knows how to steal from the white people.
(d) He is much taller than she.

4. Who comes to Stamps to get the children?
(a) no one
(b) Vivian Johnson
(c) Bailey Johnson Senior
(d) Aunt Hilda

5. As a young child who is Maya's favorite author?
(a) Stewart
(b) Baldwin
(c) Shakespeare
(d) Hemmingway

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Maya give Bailey a dime?

2. What does the young Maya think about white people?

3. What happens to Mr. Freedman after court?

4. How does segregation affect the attitude of blacks towards whites?

5. What is one of Mrs. Cullinan's main problems?

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