I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Introduction | Chapter 1

1. How does Maya imagine herself when she is very young?
(a) as a white man
(b) as a woman wearing furs and diamonds
(c) as a blonde with blue eyes
(d) as a super black model

2. What does Maya think of her black skin?
(a) that it does not mean anything
(b) that it is strange
(c) that it is beautiful
(d) that it is ugly

3. Why does Maya run away from the church in the Introduction?
(a) She is afraid of God.
(b) She hates the minister.
(c) She wets herself.
(d) She falls asleep in church.

4. Why do Maya and her brother go to live with their grandmother in Stamps?
(a) Their parents are killed.
(b) Their parents divorce.
(c) Their mother is sick.
(d) Their parents do not want them.

5. How are the cotton pickers in the first chapter paid?
(a) by the hour
(b) by the weight of cotton they pick
(c) with food
(d) by a company store credit

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