I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Character Descriptions

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Vivian Baxter Bailey - Maya's mother is a beautiful, sexy, vibrant, smart woman with more than a little common sense.

Grandmother Baxter - She was an octoroon-a person with one eighth African American blood-which means that her skin was white.

Mr. Clidell - Mother's second husband, is "the first father I would know." A successful businessman, he adds stability to Maya's life.

George Taylor - A self-pitying Stamps widower who uses his grief as a way to win the sympathy of others.

Mrs. Flowers - An elegant black lady who lives in Stamps, she makes Maya proud to be an African American.

Mrs. Annie Henderson - Maya's grandmother, is a strong, independent, righteous woman.

Bailey Johnson, Jr. - Maya's brother, Bailey, is her best friend. A bright and imaginative companion, he shares her love of books and of drama.

Bailey Johnson, Sr. - Maya's unpredictable father cares...

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