I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Character Descriptions

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Vivian Baxter Bailey

Maya's mother is a beautiful, sexy, vibrant, smart woman with more than a little common sense.

Grandmother Baxter

She was an octoroon-a person with one eighth African American blood-which means that her skin was white.

Mr. Clidell

Mother's second husband, is "the first father I would know." A successful businessman, he adds stability to Maya's life.

George Taylor

A self-pitying Stamps widower who uses his grief as a way to win the sympathy of others.

Mrs. Flowers

An elegant black lady who lives in Stamps, she makes Maya proud to be an African American.

Mrs. Annie Henderson

Maya's grandmother, is a strong, independent, righteous woman.

Bailey Johnson, Jr.

Maya's brother, Bailey, is her best friend. A bright and imaginative companion, he shares her love of books and of drama.

Bailey Johnson, Sr.

Maya's unpredictable father cares about his children but only in a casual way...

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