I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Introduction | Chapter 1

• One Easter when Maya is a young girl, her grandmother makes her a yellow dress.

• She imagines herself to be a blonde movie star with blue eyes. When she wears the dress, she is disappointed to find she still looks the same.

• Marguerite (Maya), age three, and Bailey, age four, are traveling on a train to Stamps, Arkansas to live with their father's mother.

• Their grandmother runs a store she has owned for the past twenty-five years.

• During the cotton picking season, men gather at the store and wait for wagons to pick them up and take them out to the fields.

• Maya watches as the men complain of the scales that weigh the cotton being unfair and the poor pay of picking cotton.

Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

• Six-year-old Bailey and five-year-old Maya learn their times tables under their handicapped uncle's watchful eye.

• During this time, Maya falls...

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