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Short Answer Questions

1. When the crusade started marching from Zion Hill church, how far were they permitted to march?

2. In "The Negro Revolution - Why 1963," MLK states that the nation had come to count on the Negro to endure how?

3. Who offered up their apartment for the revolution/campaign leaders to meet in in New York City?

4. In "The Negro Revolution - Why 1963," how many years have gone by when MLK states that humiliation cannot be expected to find "voice in a whisper"?

5. When Negros went to work they would eat in separate places and use what things labeled "colored"?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the days of slavery, how was suppression openly, scientifically, and consistently applied to the Negro population?

2. What is the new phenomenon that MLK mentions white men would gasp at?

3. Which two revolutions in history does MLK liken the civil turmoil and violence of the Negro's "battle" to?

4. In the introduction of Why We Can't Wait, MLK mentions that he sees a young Negro boy. Describe the setting that MLK describes for this boy.

5. What happened to MLK while he was was at a Harlem department store signing copies of one of his books?

6. What happened soon after the Supreme Court had handed down a decree calling for desegregation of schools that discouraged MLK?

7. What are some of the questions that the girl and boy ask themselves?

8. In 1962, what did some of the students from Miles College and leaders of A.C.H.R. do together in Birmingham, and what were the results?

9. With the number of volunteers increasing after the boycott of Birmingham businesses, what other campaigns were the demonstrators able to accomplish?

10. Shortly after the S.C.L.C. convention took place in September of 1962, how were Fred Shuttlesworth's fears justified?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Not much is mentioned about MLK's wife during the events of this book. Why do you think that is? Why do you think it was important for MLK to include her in the telling of him being in jail and her trying to call? Even though Coretta isn't mentioned much, how much influence do you think she had during the events in this book? How do you think Coretta King felt about her husband's intense involvement with the civil rights movement? How do you think Coretta showed her support to MLK? How do you think Coretta's support helped motivated MLK?

Essay Topic 2

Even though MLK would be considered the protagonist, how could the Negro population as a whole also be considered the protagonist? What kinds of conflicts do the Negroes face? What kind of conflicts with specific people do they face? What kind of conflicts with society do they face? What kind of conflicts with themselves do they face? Explain your answers and use specific information from the book to support your answers.

Essay Topic 3

In "The Summer of Our Discontent," MLK states, "the thundering events of the summer required an appropriate climax." What does he mean by this, and what event is he referring to in this quote? Describe this event that firmly united the Negro community. Why was the city of Washington, D.C. chosen for this event? What was the date of this great event? Who were some of the people involved, and where did the people come from that participated in the event? Who was involved with that MLK describes as a significant element of the March? How did the media treat this event?

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