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Short Answer Questions

1. What does MLK talk about in "The Negro Revolution-Why 1963" that celebrates it's 100th birthday in 1963?

2. What law does MLK say the Supreme Court retreated from it's own position by approving?

3. What did Wyatt Walker confer with lawyers about?

4. MLK and his groups decided to limit the first few days' efforts of the campaign to what?

5. When MLK's wife was refused the opportunity to speak to her husband after he was placed in jail, who did she call?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does MLK describe tokenism as thwarting the dreams of the Negro population's dreams and aspirations?

2. What did Marcus Garvey propose to the Negro race, and why was his plan doomed according to MLK?

3. Which two revolutions in history does MLK liken the civil turmoil and violence of the Negro's "battle" to?

4. What phrase did Fred Shuttlesworth use to describe Albert Boutwell and why?

5. What are some of the words that John F. Kennedy uttered on June 11th, 1963?

6. How does MLK describe what it would be like to be a Negro baby born and brought up in Birmingham?

7. What kind of doctrine did the Negro ministers preach to their congregations about the fight for racial justice?

8. Why was the Negro's economic problem compounded by the emergence and growth of automation?

9. What does MLK mean when he states that the Negro knew what going to jail meant?

10. Shortly after the S.C.L.C. convention took place in September of 1962, how were Fred Shuttlesworth's fears justified?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "The Sword That Heals," MLK mentions the meaning of tokenism and the use of it during the times of the marches, revolution, and meetings between leaders. What is tokenism? MLK states that Negroes condemned the form of tokenism that is an end in itself. He says that this type of tokenism is there not to begin a process but to end the process of protest and pressure. Why would this be considered to be a hypocritical gesture? How is tokenism being used during the events MLK describes in Birmingham? Why were there some that argued in favor of tokenism?

Essay Topic 2

In "The Summer of Our Discontent," MLK states, "the thundering events of the summer required an appropriate climax." What does he mean by this, and what event is he referring to in this quote? Describe this event that firmly united the Negro community. Why was the city of Washington, D.C. chosen for this event? What was the date of this great event? Who were some of the people involved, and where did the people come from that participated in the event? Who was involved with that MLK describes as a significant element of the March? How did the media treat this event?

Essay Topic 3

Who is your favorite person in the book? Why did this person appeal to you? What characteristics did you like about this person? Were there any characteristics you didn't like about this person? Why? What does this person add to the book, and how does this person relate to the events and to MLK? How would the events have changed if this person did not exist? Would anything remain the same if this person was absent? Why or why not?

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