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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does MLK consider one significant element of the March on Washington?
(a) That the white churches participated.
(b) That it was done in the nation's capital.
(c) That it joined together any race that had felt sorrow at one point or another.
(d) That it was a congregation of non-violent people.

2. MLK talks about one of the most poignant replies to a question. It came from a girl who was not more than eight that answered a police officer's question of "what do you want?" with what reply?
(a) "F'eedom."
(b) "A house."
(c) "The same as you."
(d) "To be like you."

3. After the President of the United States told the nation he would not allow extremists to sabotage a fair and just pact, how many federal troops did he order into Birmingham?
(a) Two thousand.
(b) Two thousand five hundred.
(c) Three thousand five hundred.
(d) Three thousand.

4. What did Mahatma Gandi do in moral leadership to set an example for his nation?
(a) He taught the untouchables.
(b) He lived with the untouchables.
(c) He invited a family of untouchables to live with him.
(d) He adopted an untouchable as his daughter.

5. MLK discusses the fact that the Negro knows he is right in pursuing his rights in unity of the movement and quotes someone as saying, "When you are right, you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too" what?
(a) Forthright.
(b) Daring.
(c) Conservative.
(d) Agreeable.

Short Answer Questions

1. MLK talks of people wondering "what the Negro will expect as he gains rights" and he likens the Negro people demanding more to what person?

2. What is the dream that came true for MLK that he mentions at the end of "Black and White Together"?

3. What does MLK state is the answer to the most desperate need of all humanity?

4. What day did the newspapers show pictures of woman on the ground with policemen bending over them with raised clubs and children being faced by dogs?

5. Who was the person during an interview of the Indian government's Prime Minister who asked, "But isn't that discrimination?" when the Prime Minister said that their schools were required to accept an untouchable over another person of high caste?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the relevant question that MLK mentions that must be asked to atone for the injustices the Negro has faced in the past?

2. What did scientific observers place in the sealed death chambers where poison gas was to be administered to the victims of capital punishment?

3. What does MLK state that the American Negro knows through painful experience?

4. How does MLK describe the "two" John Kennedys that he knew?

5. What does MLK mention in "The Days to Come" that would immediately transform the conditions of Negro life?

6. What significant change in employment patterns does MLK talk about taking shape?

7. Why does MLK state that they could thank the segregationists for the revolution that started in Birmingham?

8. Why does MLK state that "we were all involved with" John F. Kennedy's death?

9. How many people were involved with the March on Washington, and what kind of people were involved?

10. What were the two reasons that MLK accepted bond to come out of jail in the beginning of "Black and White Together"?

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