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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What law does MLK say the Supreme Court retreated from it's own position by approving?
(a) The Public School Law.
(b) The Negro Exclusion Law.
(c) The Integration Deliverance Law.
(d) The Pupil Placement Law.

2. In 1963, MLK states that the Negro dared to do what for the first time?
(a) Talk back to a white man.
(b) Take their children on a march.
(c) Stand up for injustice.
(d) Look back at a white man, eye to eye.

3. MLK suggests that the Negro had been brainwashed to accept what white man's theory?
(a) That the white man would rule this land forever.
(b) That the Negros weren't educated enough to know what they wanted.
(c) That he, as a Negro, was inferior.
(d) That the Negro community did not know how to survive without the white man.

4. Who is the sightless singer that MLK mentions "held a commanding position in our ranks"?
(a) Al Hibbler.
(b) Mel Torme.
(c) Willie Johnson.
(d) Lemon Jefferson.

5. In "The Negro Revolution - Why 1963," MLK states that the nation had come to count on the Negro to wait how?
(a) Patiently.
(b) Nervously.
(c) Willingly.
(d) Without question.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the caption read on the front page of the Birmingham News that celebrated mayoral victory?

2. In "The Negro Revolution - Why 1963," MLK states that the nation had come to count on the Negro to endure how?

3. Who "ruled" Birmingham with terror and racist rule?

4. What does MLK describe as the ultimate tragedy of Birmingham?

5. Who said, "Those who act boldly are recognizing right as well as reality"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What would happen if a volunteer did not pass the strict test for service as a demonstrator?

2. What was George Wallace's inauguration vow?

3. What does MLK mean when he states that the Negro knew what going to jail meant?

4. In the second section of Bull Connor's Birmingham, what does MLK state that the one threat to the reign of white supremacy in Birmingham was?

5. What were the mass meetings that were held in the Negro community, how many were there, and where were these meetings held?

6. What are some of the questions that the girl and boy ask themselves?

7. What happened to the United States senator who was visiting Birmingham to deliver a speech and walked through a door marked "Colored"?

8. What phrase did Fred Shuttlesworth use to describe Albert Boutwell and why?

9. In the days of slavery, how was suppression openly, scientifically, and consistently applied to the Negro population?

10. For years, why did the white segregationists say that the Negro was "satisfied"?

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