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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "The Negro Revolution-Why 1963," MLK states that the Negro protesters were advised to call off their efforts and put all their energy into what?
(a) Registering voters.
(b) Finding a job.
(c) Cleaning the streets.
(d) Collecting evidence of integration.

2. MLK states that their "army" would sing but not do what?
(a) Slay.
(b) Sit.
(c) Strike.
(d) Murmer.

3. When Mahatma Gandhi and his followers had faced the guns of the British Empire in India with nonviolence how many people did they free from colonialism?
(a) More than five hundred million.
(b) More than four hundred and fifty million.
(c) More than three hundred and fifty million
(d) More than four hundred million.

4. What did Birmingham give up when they decided to close down the parks instead of having them integrated?
(a) Their baseball team.
(b) Their golf team.
(c) Their soccer team.
(d) Their football team.

5. At the beginning of 1963, how many negro students were attending integrated schools?
(a) 13 per cent.
(b) 10 per cent.
(c) 4 per cent.
(d) 9 per cent.

Short Answer Questions

1. By 1963, more than how many African nations had risen from colonial bondage?

2. In MLK's description of the "armies" that were marching in Birmingham, who does he say that doctors marched with?

3. Nonviolent "soldiers" burnished their greatest weapons which consisted of their heart, their conscience, their courage and what other thing?

4. In "The Sword That Heals," MLK states that the Negro turned his back on force because he knew he couldn't win through physical force, and he also believed he could lose what?

5. When the city government obtained a court injunction to cease the activities of the "Negro army," what did MLK's group do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the new phenomenon that MLK mentions white men would gasp at?

2. Which two revolutions in history does MLK liken the civil turmoil and violence of the Negro's "battle" to?

3. In the introduction of Why We Can't Wait, MLK mentions that he sees a young Negro boy. Describe the setting that MLK describes for this boy.

4. What does MLK state that Bull Connor prided himself in?

5. Why was the Negro's economic problem compounded by the emergence and growth of automation?

6. With the number of volunteers increasing after the boycott of Birmingham businesses, what other campaigns were the demonstrators able to accomplish?

7. What are some of the questions that the girl and boy ask themselves?

8. In the days of slavery, how was suppression openly, scientifically, and consistently applied to the Negro population?

9. How does MLK describe tokenism as thwarting the dreams of the Negro population's dreams and aspirations?

10. In 1962, what did some of the students from Miles College and leaders of A.C.H.R. do together in Birmingham, and what were the results?

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